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White iPhone 4 No-Show: White iPhone 5 Possibility?

February 14, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

With the iPhone 5 virtually sitting in our palms, it seems like a lifetime ago that Apple released its iPhone 4, following up with the promise of a white edition. Well after countless rumored release dates and missed deadlines Apple has still failed to deliver the light shaded device.

Jamie at PR News suggests, like many others, that Apple put a hold on production due to reception issues that the original 4 suffered. If this was the case and Apple brought the white handset on to the shelves, they would have been faced with a monumental slating because of another flawed device.

There was also the thought that with Verizon joining the iPhone carrier list, Apple could have used big red’s “upgraded” 4 to press on with the white’s introduction. But this would have made AT&T customers, who had waited for the white version, feel left out.

These same customers would also have felt hard-done-by if Apple were to release a Blanc handset without the reception problems. They could have thought that they had been forced to purchase a less than perfect model, which could have sparked a product recall situation, or even worse court proceedings.

Today’s iPhone did pick up a rumor suggesting that the white iPhone 4 could be with us by the end of this month. But as they stated “Does anyone care anymore?” A strong statement for sure but it does make you wonder, has Apple made it too little too late?

So after waiting for so long has Apple missed its chance to release a white iPhone 4? Could we be looking at white iPhone 5 options? I think that if spectacular enough, a brand new iPhone 5 followed shortly by a white iPhone 5 could redeem Apple’s reputation over the pale 4. Although another suggestion is that the iPhone 5 we are waiting for, could just be an upgraded 4, only available in white. Would you be happy to see the white 4 introduced as the 5 representatives? I think we can guess your answer to that one.

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  1. Jax says:

    I care. I want a white iPhone 4 or 5!!!

  2. karl says:

    me 2! white iphone 4 please

  3. JARED says:

    WHITE iPhone POWER!

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