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Samsung Galaxy S2 Vs iPhone 5: Android 2.3 or iOS 5?

February 14, 2022 | Mike Smith

Following the recent talks of a possible iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S2 one question that we keep asking ourselves is which is better Android 2.3 or IOS 5? With all the current Smartphone on the market today these two really have the capability to wipe the floor with their competitors.

With the imminent release of the Galaxy S2 fast approaching we were wondering which of these two devices boasts the better spec list. Previously we had reported about leaked specs and pictures of the S2, in this post we talked about its feature list which included a 4.3inch screen, dual-core processor, Bluetooth 3.0 and HSPA+. It seems that these features were not far wrong as this post from also reports on the same feature list. You can check out the official spec’s list that was announced yesterday at MWC by reading our post by Debbie Turner.

So with a handset of this magnitude it’s going to have to take something pretty impressive to bring this handset crashing back down to earth. We all know how popular and superior the iPhone seems to be, with the impressive launch of the iPhone 4 on Verizon really clarifying this for us it seems that the next handset offering from Apple could be the one to take on the Galaxy S2.

Though there is no official word about the illusive iPhone 5 we have been previously reporting about what this new handset from Apple could be giving us. This device is rumoured to be released sometime in June, it’s expected to feature a new hardware design, 3G FaceTime, new A5 processor and hopefully a different antenna. As previous experience shows what starts of as speculation does most of the time lead somewhat to truth, you can keep up to date with all news on the iPhone 5 by keeping track of our page here.

So with two very popular handsets like this lined up for release thing’s are set to really hot up in the world of the Smartphone, the more competition there seems to be the greater the devices appear to get, which us all here at OSM think is great thing.

Which of these two handsets could be the one for you?

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  • Melo

    If the next IPhone comes with dual-core processors and this is supported and utilised in iOS 5, then Apple will be in the forefront yet again. This is the only "easy" solution for Apple, if they want to be in charge, as I see it. This still hasn't been implemented in Android even though we see plenty of daul-core phones coming out, but we'll see…

  • MNSk8r

    Why are so many people comparing Android 2.3 to iOS 5 when there are no specs on iOS 5 and Android 2.3 is already running on phones? You would have been better asking, "Android 4.0 or iOS 5?" - I mean really. Let's try to compare something that exists to something that doesn't.

  • Justin

    Popular? Yes. Superior? Hardly.

    The iPhone is riding the last of its dragged out glory ride. Also, MNSk8r is right. what really needs to be compared is the next revision of android for smartphones. They are bringing the feature set of honeycomb for tablets to phones. Just take a look at the motorola xoom (ipad total dominator) and you can get an idea of where android is headed. Be realistic when predicting the future.. you have multiple huge companies developing hardware/os for android vs apple. Evolution is in androids favor. I’m not putting the nails in apples coffin yet, but it’s coming IMHO

  • jay

    apple revolutionized everything, and will continue to do it. android only exists to compete against the best. apple will continue to dominate and as we can see their devices are coveted for their quality, look at their display in ppi even the newest so called super phones like the samsung s2 doesnt compare, not to mention the fact that samsung hasnt even updated their current s model to the newest android operating system. so much for support after the sale., no thanks ill stick to whatever apple makes, quality and better equipment with the support in os that comes with it.

  • Thumper

    You Apple fanboi's crack me up. First off, Apple hasn't "revolutionized" anything except, The iPod Video and the iPad, and they possibly led the revolution of attracting young women and homosexual men by adding pastel colors to all their devices.

    All the way back to the beginning, apple has been hated by nearly every "individual" out there. no customization, no options, no way. Yes the iPhone started off good. It was immediately a hit because of its appeal to the youth. It offered iTunes, iMovies and a decent web browser on a phone, at a time when most touch screen phones were not popular. TBH it was a great way "to make our vegetables sound yummy, to all the kids". I don't know how much of the world you actually look at, but the iPhone doesn't "dominate" any market today. They are however and will continue to be, a good competitor in the leading ranks.

    As for the displays: Yes, I phone 4 uses the beautiful Retena Display, and they claim to have a better screen than any other phone. I for one trust the claims of Samsung's SAMOLED screen, because to my eyes, it is a very beautiful and bright screen. but lets look at the reality, shall we?.. iPhone 4 uses a 960×640 resolution, on a 3.5 inch screen with 326ppi. (Pixels per inch) this helps them create their perfect looking screen. Though the phone seems to lack a lot in the sunlight, and a 3.5inch display is… disappointing. Galaxy S uses 800×480 at 233ppi. This is truly a lower resolution. But your basically comparing LCD (iPhone) with LED (Samsung) and LED is a clear winner there. Retina is defined as anything above 300ppi. The 300ppi is the lowest PPI a human eye can see at approximately .5 feet away. With a 3.5" display, you may be holding the phone significantly closer to your face when watching videos than you would with a 4" display. The average person holds a phone approximately 1.5 feet away when viewing videos on a smart phone. So in a typical day being "retina" has little difference over most smart phones and is mainly a sales gimmick to justify a LCD display.

    I know Apple is a good company, and despite the fact that their phones do have several of the same issues that every piece of tech is going to have, if your willing to stand in line at the iStore for 5 hours, they will usually fix it for you. Honestly though, stop using the fact that you love Apple to a fault, allow you to bad mouth companies like Samsung. Samsung has updated the software for their flagship phone the i9000 (Galaxy S). Its the carriers that don't perform the updates afterward, so us in the USA can enjoy the new software. Blaming Samsung is like blaming the President for a state income tax.

    While it is clear what side I am on, I don't understand in the need for people to argue absurd topics and make claims that companies that are a direct competitor to their product are actually garbage. I personally want the upgradable memory slot, brighter screen, Droid market, changeable battery, bigger screen, HDMI out and my soul. lol
    As for the Forum topic, iOS5 will probably be better than Android 2.4. Because your comparing Apples with rotten oranges. By the time iOS5 is released Android will have been at least looking for an update. and will most likely be running 3.x on their non-tab devises.

  • the Hot Head

    Thumper, without any bias Apple revolutionised mobile phones, every smartphone on the market, except many BB handsets, have borrowed something from the iPhone ! I got the first touch screen phones out, Sony Ericssons and they were innovative because they were the first butt hey had many problems. The first iPhone was something to behold, it was amazing.

    I come from the anti Apple camp, I always hated Apples, I was always a PC man. But having been forced to buy an Apple computer (because of music production software called Logic) I have to say that their hardware and software is far easier to use and it generally just "works" as it should. I don't like the elitism that Apple users seem to assume and thats another reason why I dislike Apple, but I cannot criticise what they produce, the quality of their products is second to none. I needed a laptop for my home and opted for a Macbook Pro because I didn't want to have to rebuild a Windows laptop once a year as I have had to with every Windows PC/Laptop I have had ever !!

    I steadfastly refuse to buy an iPhone or Blackberry, an Android device is therefore inevitable for me. I'll wait to see what new devices appeal to me but I won't be buying them because I think they are better than an iPhone, its because they offer something different.

  • sam sneed

    Let's be honest…Android will be the death of apple. It's absurd to think that one company, innovative though it was, and yes past tense, will be able to maintain that lead with several other companies hot on their heels. Apple's one model has to compete with HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola etc who offer diverse product models within themselves, never mind between them.
    And specs wise, they are coming up with hardware that simply outguns the Iphone.
    But more importantly a key feature will be customization and full usage of what a smartphone can do. With something like a Galaxy or HTC you can have/add removable storage, upload any types of PDF files, magazines, books, movies, etc….without being beholden to Itunes and the never ending "Itunes update" "syncing process.
    The way I see it, with Ios/Iphone/ipad you're getting a product that is limited to 80% of it's true smart phone capabilty….with android you're getting all 100% potential.

  • Sammygirl

    The galaxy s2 will be equipped with a dual core processor :) good news for us sammy fans

  • Michael

    Fully agree with previous comment, I had the iphone and swiched to Galaxy . The Android is cheaper and no headache with updates and unlocks. Highly recommend Android instead of Galaxy.

  • chris

    sorry but samsung s2 has dual-core supported by 2.3 gingerbread which will be coming out first so i dont know what the hell your on about. Everyone knows samsung is a powerhouse when it comes to its processing power.

  • chris

    you mean galaxy instead of Iphone

  • Hellloooooooo

    Android will die of fragmentation. Android will die of viruses in 2015 where 30% of the world's smartphones get infected with a virus. And who will emerge victorious? Apple because of their safe closed platform, simple to use and gets the job done. Where do you see Android products getting over 6 months of support? - Sorry, rarely if not none at all. Where Apple products get 2 years of support at least. Once the manufacturer ( Samsung or LG or wadeva ) produces a new flagship model kiss goodbye to software support and updates.

  • Philippa

    Well I came onto this website to get help on which phone I should go for (Iphone or Galaxy) and guess what, I'm still confused. Heeellllppppppp

  • venk

    Don't you just love the ending. LOL!

  • Sean zukin

    you are just wrong. Android os is nowhere near ending apple. Apple is currently the second most valuable company in the world. They have sold Around 200 million iOS decides and ten times more ipads then all other tablets in 2010. They our the super company. Even if the glassy s2 has a slightly faster processor they average user will not see the difference and a evo 3d is just ridiculous. Apple will not be leaving us anytime soon and wil the iPhone available on multiple carriers the android os better run 4 cover

  • Mars

    Am I correct, the iPhone 5 is 4G and the Samsung S2 is only capable of 3G network? If so, is there a comparison?

  • jerome

    dude/woman,, its already confirmed that the a5 chip will be a dual core processor (2x the speed and 9x the graphic speed)

  • Guest

    Thumper you are the perfect example of someone who doesnt look much further than your own personal preferences. The thing I wanna make clear is that more options isn't better for everyone. There are also a lot of people who just want something that works good without alot of options which they will never use anyway. Apple has always been the one with the more simple and thus more user friendly UI. If you are someone who whishes to customize everything, go get a phone like sumsungs S2, but if not I would recommend Apple.

  • HaXoN

    wtf is wrong with you, apple fanboy!?!?! the only reason that apple sells this good is that someone suddenly found out that apple was ''the cool thing'' and still there are some who actually blindly buy everything apple makes and hates everything else. The only reason that you say the evo 3D is ridiculous is that iPhone can't compare to it!

  • Glen

    But the Samsung S3 is capable of 5G network

  • Wonder

    Samsung galaxy s II is the winner, iPhone is valued because of the name it created when there were no competitors but now we have a lot of them. Go for galaxy cuz its beaten iPhone 4g. In addition with experience, check reviews and comparison on the numerous web sites.

  • Guest

    Guys, the thing is that Apple is a marketing god. That's it. They have suceeded in attracting many people thanks to that.
    But just wait for Android to be advertised like that.
    And if you want more, you can read some studies which show that Android will be leading the smartphones' market in 2012/2015.

  • cosmin

    iPhone5 e tareeee

  • divyesh

    samsung is da bestt!!!…

  • Chicotero

    Iphone 5 ?? it is not official, search the apple website and you'll see there's no iphone 5 up to now 26 April 2011. you behave and think like a woman !! …. only rumors !! i wish mike smith and family and speculators like him in internet will die. Greetings from Perú.

  • Silversheep…

    This is all you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S2. As you can see it is the best phone ever made, and the fact that the iphone 5 (whenever it is created) will be playing catch up. The galaxy S2 will have a dual-core processor as well leading the field with 1080p video recording and a 8.0 mega pixel camera with a Flash. That dumbass that talked about hacked androids in 2015, read up about the security software built in the new galaxy s2, nothing like it out there. So, afteer this phone comes out, why would you even need a galaxy s3 or 4 or new iphone 5.

  • Silversheep

    What is it exactly that you people are doing with your phones to get such a big stick up your asses. Once I can shoot true HD with HDMI out and if I want a better camera, I will buy an actu al camera. The screen resolution differences, are you kidding me, no one in here can tell the difference…and don't say you can, especially on such small screens.You tube will look the same on either phone. It's funny, most people I know that live by apple for their iphones dont own anything else apple. Its a Fad and like others have said its fading.

  • Silversheep

    Its a Fad and like others have said its fading. The Samsung GALAXY S II rides the leading
    edge with an ultra-slim 8.49mm form factor. And I love swype, I can't text without it, and apple will never be able to counter that. . It will house NFC short-range high frequency wireless communication technology for contactless credit card payments. It can communicate with existing smartcards and readers and is compatible with existing contactless infrastructure for public transportation and payment systems.

  • Silversheep

    What you need to know is the Galaxy S is the first generation, it had glitches yes, but so did the original iphone. I look at it like a soft launch, they took in consumer feedback and what people liked and disliked and created a super phone that apple fans have to bitch about because they realize how bad a mistake they made in their purchase. I think people get android mixed up with PC's. its not leopard vs windows 7, so if you are an apple fan for that reason, I really say you need to actually use the galaxy before complaining about things you know nothing about.

  • Silversheep

    The galaxy s is easier to use and very user friendly. My wife has the iphone 4, I used to have the 3GS, and now have the galaxy s and await the galaxy S2. We all know the truth, as do you, don't be affraid of what you do not understand…Galaxy S2 is the future…and literally you will never need anything else……Sorry for the lengthy reply but it needed to be said

  • Ken0_23

    All you ifan boys are brain washed. go to guyana and drink some koolaid why don't ya. You try to make it sound like Android is sooooo difficult to use because of options??? You can keep it as simple as you want by only using the phone, email, market, and text apps, however, you can also fully customize EVERYTHING to make it your own. Furthermore, since when was having options a bad thing? So are you saying if everyone had a Honda Accord you would be happy or do you not think having the option to get a BMW, Toyota is good with options like GPS, Satelite radio, heated seats, leather, etc. is a good thing? Options are always good as they give YOU, the consumer a choice versus being stuck with what a manufacturer wants you to use. There is a reason Android has become the number one OS in the US and globally in a little under 2 years…which, Symbian held globally for over 10 years. Android has encountered this type of success because of a refined UI, multiple shapes and sizes, and the "openness" to make the phone custom to how YOU (the consumer) wants it and NOT the other way around. Apple is a good product but they are inferior when it comes to their phone OS and UIs…and this is coming from a supporter of both OSs as I have multiple iproducts (nanos, iPod Touches, Bose sound docks, Ipod car connection, and Apple TV). Please Please Please be OBJECTIVE and just admit that both OS's are outstanding but Android (as a phone OS) is simply superior based on hardware, software, customization, and the many many options like a larger screen and various body styles.

  • Zexel

    "It's not Leopard vs Windows 7." You can say that again! Apple users typically don't research much cause their too busy following the crowd. Android is more like Linux if anything. So it's more like Leopard vs Ubuntu. Argument for security and viruses is pretty dead. Apple has done good against viruses for two reasons one they have decent AV software. Second, if I'm a hacker creating a virus why waste time making it for Apple when I can affect many more users/businesses when I make it for Windows. They don't make em for Linux for the same reason plus that's what they're running.

  • Zexel

    Apple users need to open their minds to the possibilties. Attempt to think outside the Apple. When they do they understand that Apple has always had limited functionality in order to keep consistancy and ease of use for users that have no clue. Android still has the ease of use, but has much superior functionality. With apple you're stuck with the same iOS until you buy a new phone. With Android it may void your warrenty but there's a big community of users to help you switch to better and better OS versions. When you "jailbreak" an iPhone you keep the same OS just open a little more functinality. When you "root" an SGS you get a new OS and with that tons more functionality and capability. Just open your mind to the possiblities.

  • js123432

    i'm not partial to either side, but from what i see, on a daily basis….in different states, and countries as well…apple is by no means on it's last glory ride. you are not seeing the crest of the wave my friend. personal computing (which includes smartphones now), at least during this "life cycle" is being dominated by apple. enterprise/big biz computing is still dominated by windows, merely because of old technical experience in the market that stick to windows. soon, big biz will follow and then finally gov…in regards to the US market…split by a more fair percentage.

  • Nines

    Widgets, notification bar, many handsets/brands to choose from, great camera(mps) , 5 to 9 homescreens, led notification, no need of iTunes and all rubbish, larger screens, Google friendly( Google runs the internet), Google apps, great sharing options, CUSTOMIZABLE, open source programming ( easy for developers), high tech specs besides the OS, sexy looks(xperia series)

  • jhon

    I used to be an iphone fan but my wife bought a galaxy s, tried it and guess what, i sold my iphone 4 and got me a galaxy s(froyo) plus i got my 150$ back coz galaxy s is way cheaper! battery life is freakin good too compared to iphone 4! i love android much more fun and customize all you want for free!! money well spent! cant wait for this sgs2..

  • Barrun Soleja

    Apple is not boss nor it is samsung or htc or whatever, I am the boss cause i am spending my hard earned money, so i will opt for the best AVAILABLE, not hoping for what is still not ready.
    today its samsung galaxy s2 worth spending my money for, apple was 2 years before, like nokia was 5 years ago, and no body knows who will rule after 2 or 5 years, but all should know the best will be best and sales will tell in some time.

  • can

    a bigger screen (around 5 inch) and more higher pixel density would be nice

  • Vince

    It's all just stuff and it's all awesome.
    I'd like to try the galaxy but have way to much apps i bought for my 3GS, which is s great phone btw.
    I'll wait for the iphone 5 and am sure i won't be dissapointed. Apple allready stated that the real big technical changes will come after the iphone 5.. so i'll get a one year contract this time ;-) .
    The Galaxy is a good iphone replica and may spurt it by once in a while… The winner is unknown..what ever your personal opinion may be.
    Enjoy all this cewl stuf and don't nag so much :-P

  • Anonymous

    You have to realize that people that fight over 3G to 5G comments that a research study has been done and even though phones have the capability to run at that speed. The networks are only running at an average of 2.3 to 2.8. So who cares if it can when it never will

  • Anonymous

    What you need to know is that a study was done that showed that even though phones are now capable of running at 5G speeds, that the network providers run at an avg. maximum of 2.3 to 2.8. So stop fighting over this point for no one will ever run at the speeds capable by theses phones and if your only reason to pick a phone is based on 4 or 5G speeds, think again and go with the best features instead, a.k.a. Samsung Galaxy S II