Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) Preview : Reinforcing the desire

We’ve been bringing you news from MWC 2011 in Barcelona and yesterday we had a Samsung event for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S 2 (II) smartphone and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. We’ve posted many articles about the Galaxy S2 in the last few days including the first official pictures of it at MWC and also last night we finally received the news of the official specs and features.

The Galaxy S 2 is looking really impressive on what we’ve seen so far and now we’ve come across a hands-on preview of the phone from Hubert Nguyen over on Ubergizmo so we can get a feel for the S 2 and some first impressions. A lot of people have been saying some very positive things about the S 2 and Nguyen first notes it seems to be an extremely decent upgrade from the original. Many comments are being made about its extremely light weight at only 116g and we already mentioned the super-slimness of the Galaxy S 2 at only 8.49 mm at its thinnest point.

The Super AMOLED display receives high praise for its contrast and color saturation although Nguyen marginally prefers the IPS display developed by LG. Performance wise the S 2 does have a dual-core processor so should be speedy but Ubergizmo is yet to do a benchmark test so we’ll find out more on that later. As far as software goes Samsung is stepping up its security levels in an effort to appeal to the business market. Voice commands also features although are not enthused about yet and there’s also synchronization software in the form of Samsung’s Kies.

When it comes to design this is an area where Samsung really shines and the Galaxy S 2 is clearly no exception. Although it’s both slim and light we still have a 4.3-inch display, which is no mean feat and a real bonus. All in all the Galaxy S 2 is looking as though it will be a big hit for Samsung. Although the design is still a significant factor Samsung has managed to include features that will reinforce the desire for this great-looking handset.

It will be interesting to see what will be said when the full reviews come in but for now thing are looking positive. We may be hearing details of pricing and release at another MWC event later today and we will bring you those details if we get them. Meanwhile hit the links if you want to take a look at the schedule for day one of MWC, or for live streaming details of the MWC keynotes here. You may also want to check out the official MWC website here.

What are your thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy 2 (II) smartphone? We’re pretty sure Samsung has a big winner on its hands and a good marriage of design, features and specs but let us have your comments with your opinions please.