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MWC 2011: Umeox Apollo- Android & Solar Charger

February 14, 2022 | Matt Tran
MWC 2011: Umeox Apollo- Android & Solar Charger

Dont you just hate it when your phone dies on you at the wrong time, because of poor battery life or just the fact you forgot to charge it? Well Umeox’s new Apollo smartphone has a built in solar charger, which means that it can simply charge itself from exposure to sunlight.

Umeox are similar to ZTE who we spoke about earlier, in that they are a relatively unknown Chinese phone manufacturer who trade around the world through other operaters rather than under their own name. Into Mobile has informed us that Umeox rarely trade in the western hemisphere, which is why the name will be relatively alien to you in the mobile market. They look to be the one of the first companies to bring solar charging to the table, and this revolutionary technology will no doubt be expanded and used further in the future.

Despite having such a unique and impressive way of charging itself, the phone is very basic in comparison to some of the other models we have been seeing. The Apollo has a 3.2-inch touchscreen, 1GB of flash memory, a 3 megapixel camera, FM radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 512MB of RAM. The Apollo runs on Google’s OS Android, but we are not sure which version yet.

Cnet has reported that for the handset to be able to charge itself it must be put face down as the solar charger is on the back surface, around the camera, covering an area of 24 square centimetres. The idea of a mobile phone that does not need to be traditionally charged is very conveinient and efficient; however with this particular smartphone the specifications are not up to scratch.

There will most definately be a market for this kind of technology but it may have come a little too early. Leave us your thoughts on a phone that charges itself with sunlight. Would you buy one?

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