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MWC 2011: Netgear Announce Second-Gen Femtocell

February 14, 2022 | Mike Smith

Following on from our coverage of MWC 2011 we can bring you news that Netgear have announced that they are due to bring out a second generation femtocell. With the increased issues with signal being reported by users (like Verizon iPhone 4 customers) it seems the best way to increase our network reliability is through use of a Femtocell.

For people that aren’t familiar with these devices, a femtocell is a small cellular base station which is designed for use within a household or small business. They connect to a service provider’s network via broadband, extending network coverage for up to four handsets on a household cell and up to sixteen handsets on a business one.

The next release from Netgear will be the MF100H which will support both Ethernet LAN and 3G, this is designed to work well with Netgear’s router line up and broadband gateway. This new device is designed to carry traffic of up to 1000 times the capacity that most 3G network carriers provide, to read more on this follow the link to

Most mobile phone customers use most consumption of data and voice whilst at home or in the office, making these devices an ideal solution for not only improving the speed of the network but also reducing network load. You can read the companies press release here for more information.

The way our networks are developing seems to be going from strength to strength, whether it’s in the use of these femtocells or in the upcoming use of tiny base stations that we previously reported about. What will the future hold for our mobile experience?

Do you use one of these femtocells, if so what are your thoughts?

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