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Huawei S7 Android Tablet Review: Cheap iPad Killer?

February 14, 2022 | Mike Smith
Huawei S7 Android Tablet Review: Cheap iPad Killer?

We have previously brought you news of what Chinese company Huawei will be offering at WMC 2011, the S7 Android tablet has got some good reviews from people attending this year’s event. With all new tablets looking to overtake Apple’s market share could this be a possible cheap alternative to the iPad?

The S7 Tablet PC is one of four devices the company has announced, these devices are the S7 Tablet, the X3 Smartphone, Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi Smart Pro and the Huawei High Link. To read more on these other devices follow this link to

From what little information we do know about the S7 Tablet PC we can tell you that it is running on Android 2.2, has a 7inch capacitive touch screen, a micro SD slot, front and back facing camera’s and possibly could feature 3G. We should be able to get more information on this device following the official launch press conference tomorrow, to view some more pictures of this device follow this link over to Engadget.

Although we have to wait until tomorrow for the official launch we do know that this device will be priced up at $300, with a price this low the device could be a hot contender for taking quiet a chunk of the market share. With the average Tablet PC costing nearly double this there is a possibility that these devices could be snapped up in abundance by people looking for a cheap alternative.

In times of financial difficulty like this it’s really refreshing to see a company try and aim their prices low enough for everyone, so we can all experience the rush of finally owning our very own Tablet PC.

Do you think this device could outsell something like the iPad or LG Optimus Pad?

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