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MWC 2011 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: Official Spec Roundup

February 13, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Well its finally here, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab II, or to give it its proper title (and not the one that we all thought it would have) the Galaxy Tab 10.1. We reported on it’s presence at the Mobile World Congress 2011, but we have decided to re-address the situation and bring you some specs.

Engadget managed to get close enough in the throng of the MWC crowd to capture a video clip, so after reading about the features why not click here to watch the video.

So here we go, firstly and quite obviously the Tab 10.1 title comes from the devices screen size. Powering the larger display is a dual-core Tegra processing unit as found in all the other Android 3.0 tablets. Storage comes in the form of 16GB or 32GB, with external features like SIM port, 3.5mm headphone jack and Samsung’s charging cable.

Gaming lovers will benefit from the gyroscope and accelerometer features, making for excellent motion gaming ability. However it does seem to lack any HDMI or USB outlets, something that may possibly be included in Apple’s iPad 2.

As Gigaom confirms, its 10.1 TFT screen manages a 1280 x 800 resolution, whilst with an LED flash, it’s 8 megapixel rear camera will support 1080p video recording. Up front the 2 megapixel lens will allow Google Talk Video calling.

Packing all this technology hasn’t meant that the Galaxy device is piling on the pounds either. At 0.4-inches thick and just 1.23 pounds is a healthy slim device compared to the current iPad at 1.5 pounds, and 1.6-pounds for Motorola’s Xoom.

At the moment release date seems sketchy at best, all we an say is that a launch date sometime in March for Asia and Europe buyers is likely. The U.S market will possibly have to wait a bit longer, but that is still in the pipeline. Vodafone has been confirmed as the first carrier to hold the Tab 10.1, but again prices are still under-wraps, though sources suggest it will be competitive.

There is certainly a lot to look forward to from Samsung’s latest tablet, and with the quality of parts and execution the Galaxy Tab 10.1 certainly has what it takes to be numero uno. Apple must be watching the tablet onslaught for 2011 with a heightened anticipation, lets just hope they have something up their sleeves for when the iPad 2 finally gets its unveiling.

Tell us how you think the tablet war will end up come the end of the year?

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