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Movie To Motorway: Tron’s Light Cycle For Sale

February 13, 2022 | Matt Tran

With all of the flashy high tech gadgets and cars we see on the big screen nowadays, you cant help but sit back sometimes and say to yourself: “Man I wish I could get me one of those!” Well for anybody who did that whilst watching Tron Legacy recently, then you may be in luck.

Amazingly a bizarre gadget specialist site called Hammacher Schlemmer has put a light cycle on sale for a mere $55,000. I dont think that these motorcycles from the future will be available for purchase from Amazon anytime soon, so look to be for the super rich who love their toys. The site has stated that the light cycle is “designed for casual cruising and slow ride-bys at shows”. Imagine pulling up at Comic-Con in one of these bad boys!

If you feel brave enough to buy this incredibly rare vehicle then you may want to know what it is made of. The light cycle is made from a steel frame, covered with fiberglass cowling that mimics the version in the film. Mashable has reported that the cycle is pimped out with a 996cc Suzuki four-stroke engine, which could be upgraded to a Ducati 996 if you want to rack up deadly speeds. Follow the links for more details.

Overall this beautiful piece of technology is a novelty for anyone who desires it. Dont re-mortgage your house and trade in your car to save up for one, as it is not by any stretch of the imagination a suitable transportation replacement. If you are a real fan of the movie and have a spare $55,000 hanging around then by all means add to shopping cart, but they are built to order so dont expect next day delivery. Leave us your thoughts on the availablilty of a real life light cycle and please leave us a comment if you seriously plan on buying one!

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