Remi Kart 2: Remi Gaillard YouTube Viral Video

At OSM in recent weeks we have brought you various videos that have hit the web and become popular in a short period of time. These are all described as Viral Videos, the latest one to blast its way onto the web is from a popular prankster.

Some of the great videos that we have reported on already include Lewis Hamilton & Jenson Button in the Vodafone promo video, Johnny Mac the trick shot quarterback, a couple of the popular Super Bowl ads and of course the latest Epic Rap Battle Of History featuring Hulk Hogan Vs Jong Il. All of these have proven themselves to be supremely popular.

As for Remi Kart 2 or as the YouTube clip is called Mario Kart is back, it sees French prankster Remi Gaillard ripping around the streets dressed up as the popular Nintendo character Mario in a go kart! He doesn’t only drive around, in the video we see him tossing banana skins under car wheels in a true Mario Kart style.

You can see why this guy may get into a spot of bother especially when he moves from the street into the supermarket to pick up some more supplies! The mall guard gets to him. The video continues with him moving onto frustrating the police by giving them the single finger salute. The video has been up since yesterday and has already received more than half a million views, we assure you it is going to get many more.

Ladies and gentlemen, just below we give you the Internet phenomenon Remi Gaillard in Remi Kart 2.