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Online Verizon iPhone 4 Orders: Wait No More Coming A Week Early?

February 12, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
Online Verizon iPhone 4 Orders: Wait No More Coming A Week Early?

One of the most talked about smartphones that is likely to come out of 2011, showed itself to the world on Thursday when finally its official launch got underway, we are of course talking about the iPhone 4 on Verizon.

For some, the choice was given to you if of course you were a Verizon customer, whether you wanted to pre-order your handset on the 3rd February, therefore it was a sure enough guarantee that you would definitely get your hands on one, or failing that, you could take yourself down to your nearest V store and everything crossed, pick up one that way.

For a majority of you, pre-ordering panned out to be nothing but problems, many of you experienced error messages, whether this was down to the site being completely inundated with orders or just bad timing for a webpage error to occur. But the lucky few of you, who did manage to get through, and I have to say lucky, as stocks of the phone sold out within 120 minutes, were then hoping to get their handset before the official release. As it turns out on the day after, we gave you news via Engadget, that emails were being sent out to customers telling them that the handset was starting to make its journey.

Then as Debbie reported on the 9th, the day before the big release, pre-orders were then open to everyone, and although shipping dates were stated on the 18th, customers were expecting to wait until the 25th for their delivery. But if the news is anything to go by today, you may be getting your phone even earlier than anticipated.

According to AppleInsider, shipping notices like the one below have started to be sent out, saying “delivers by” date of February 16th. It may be worth pointing out that last year’s iPhone 4 launch date was a talking point, as plenty of you seemed to be waiting a fair time queuing. It was hoped that with Verizon now on board and an improved ordering system, history wouldn’t be repeating itself, orders could be processed more efficiently.

Tell us what current situation you are in? Have you got the handset, received an email or still just waiting? Let us know.

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