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Social Media and Customer Service: Providing Consistency

February 11, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Here at OSM we have been writing more and more recently on social media for business and recent posts have included how to make LinkedIn work for your company and using social media to develop a two-way dialog between your company and your customer.

Now we have some news about social media and customer service, specifically about company contact centers and how companies should give a consistent experience regardless of the particular channel used. An article by Simon Angove over on 1to1 Media looks into this and notes some findings by Nielsen Online which says that online users now spend 66% more time using social networking and blog sites than at the same time last year.

Of the people using these sites, an increasing amount do so to contact customer service centers for queries or complaints. Apparently half of customer contact centers who responed to a survey, said they now use social media in an effort to enhance their customer services, according to a McKinsey study. It’s not good enough to use social media as a mere backup to your traditional customer services though. Customers contacting your company through social media channels should receive a consistently good experience through whichever method they choose.

Angove goes on to detail how to integrate social media into the contact center and the example of Delta Airlines is used to highlight how this can be done. For instance, the airline has set up the @DeltaAssist Twitter feed and has established a social media lab specifically to develop its social media customer communications.

The article also looks at achieving operational efficiency through workforce management technologies and also looks at how the customer and company relationship could be improved further with the use of social media, pointing out that there could yet be the creation of further opportunities in this sphere. You may also be interested in another article, this time on Reuters, which talks about how Delta Airlines is to send 11,000 employees for customer service training.

Social media and customer services is certainly a field that is set to continue to expand and we’d like to know how your company has achieved improved customer services through the use of social media channels? Please let us know by sending us your comments.

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