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Over 1,000 Nokia Workers Walk Out After Microsoft Deal

February 11, 2022 | Matt Tran

Thousands of Nokia employees have walked out after fears that the new partnership with Microsoft will cause the employees who work on Symbian to lose their jobs.

It has become apparent that the new deal between these two huge companies will see Windows Phone 7 become the primary OS on future Nokia smartphones. This now means that the current Nokia OS, which is Symbian is likely to be axed on new phones and as a result will cause a large majority of staff who work in that department to be made redundant.

The workers that have left Nokia’s premises in Oulu and Tampere are estimated at 1,500 and the number of employees at those offices is around 3000 with half of those all working on Symbian, according to The Next Web. So it appears that all of the staff who have left to demonstrate are all Symbian developers who fear for their jobs.

The reports came first from a Finnish newspaper called Helsingin Sanomat which stated that over “1000 workers marched out”. Thinq has reported that their big rival Google has jumped in and taken advantage of the situation with their EMEA recruiter Aiden Biggins tweeting “Any Nokia software engineers need a job? We’re hiring:” It is not clear whether it is an audacious attempt to poach Nokia employees or just a harmless bit of banter.

Either way if all of these Nokia staff are angry and worried then it is not good business for the company and they must work out a fair deal with their employees. This most certainly has taken the shine off of what was supposed to be a huge day for two massive companys in the technology market. What are your views on the staff walkout? Let us know in the comments.

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