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Nokia & Windows Phone 7: Last Shot At Smartphone Market

February 11, 2022 | Tim Ollason

With the recent announcement of a partnership between Microsoft and Nokia you have to wonder, is this last chance saloon for the pair of them in the world of smartphones? We have already reported on the pairing and what it means as well as the MeeGo platform being cancelled.

The cancellation fuelled the talks that a partnership was going to happen and now it has been officially announced at Nokia’s event. The rise of Android has seen it overtake Symbian to become the biggest smartphone platform. Has this helped Nokia & Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 come together to have a final shot at the smartphone market?

Ben Bajarin of Slashgear is reporting how this is quite a bold decision for Nokia to take WP7 as its new OS seeing as Android are eating up the market, but can Nokia bring a new lease of life into the platform that hasn’t really taken off. Another source that are giving their opinions on the matter are through their author Dana Gardner, the report has an interesting section with a subtitle – ‘Too little, too late’ which makes for an interesting read.

One of key things that must happen for them to now succeed is they must try to attract developers to the platform seeing as Apple and Android have established themselves so much. The partnership will need to be able to convince them that it is worthwhile by making phones with the platform that will sell. Once the handsets are out there developers will perhaps come round to the idea.

Do you think the pair can work together and establish themselves in the smartphone market? Let us know in the comments section below.

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