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GeoHot Told To Hand In PS3 Hard Drives

February 11, 2022 | Mike Smith

Things seem to heating up in the world of renowned hacker George Hotz AKA GeoHot, following an ongoing court trial with Sony Hotz has been ordered to hand over all of his hard drives that are affiliated with the infamous PS3 hacking.

In court today a surprising twist took place when U.S District Judge Susan Illston ordered that Hotz computer must be handed over to Sony, allowing them to examine its contents for information relating to his hack of the PS3, the judge also ruled that the contents of his computer should remain intact and no files deleted before Sony had a chance to look at it.

This lawsuit has come about after GeoHot managed to extract the Root Key from the PS3, then posted it online with a how to video demonstrating to people how to hack their own systems. By doing this the company managed to file a lawsuit against him under The Digital Millenium Copyright Act claiming that he was trafficking in devices that circumvent controls meant to protect copyrighted works. To read more on this you can follow this link to

As Sony seem to want to make an example of Hotz it has everyone wondering on the outcome of this case, if this root key was such meant to be so secret then how comes it was retweeted by none other than Sony’s own Marketing Executive Kevin Butler. You can read more on this story by following this link to one of our previous posts.

However this court case turns out, things are going to be a bit touchy when the subject of hacking comes up in conversation, leading us to ask is hacking wrong or is it something that should be encouraged by companies in order for them to learn more about their own products?

What do you think?

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  1. oh4awesome says:

    Hmmm… I think Hotz deserves what he gets. Hacking is similar to theft. All people like Hotz do is ruin it for others! Lot of these hackers, are extremely arrogant. Yeah… you made the giant that is Sony look like a fool… it's well worth the price of being someone's bitch in jail!

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