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Battle Of The iPad 2 vs iPhone 5: Which Is Your Preference Vote Now?

February 11, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Apple is questionably one of the biggest technological companies in the world today, and the news of their 2 forthcoming devices to hit retailer shelves in the near future, is causing quite a stir on the internet. Yes, we are talking about the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5. Here at OSM, we have been bringing you the latest rumors and speculation as to what both will possibly pack in features, as well as release dates and prices.

It has still not been made official as to when we are likely to get our hands on an iPad 2, but the month of March is a hot suggestion. With so many tablet devices due to be released in the coming months, its a job to know whether Apple’s offering will be able to hold its own against such stiff competition. Motorola’s Xoom is a hot favorite being the first to run on Android Honeycomb’s 3.0 OS but some have questioned its $799 price, the PlayBook again running on QNX will give users a substantial battery life more than its counterparts or what about HP’s new 9.7 inch TouchPad winging its way to us running on a new webOS.

Only yesterday we reported on Verizon’s latest iPhone 4 launch, and we asked the question of whether consumers had already pre-ordered or purchased one of these handsets in store? Added to this, if the answer to this was no, would they be prepared to wait some 5 months to possibly pick up the next generation iPhone? We gave a rundown of suggested 5 specifications as well as a change in its so-called slimmer appearance.

This ties in quite nicely with a report from Alan over at PR News. Not only has he been asking customers what their preference is, but back in September he reported on a possible concept design with specs.

Although the current iPad has proved more than successful, 2 features that customers would like to see included on the next gen, is that of a camera and dual-core processor?

Let us know your thoughts. Have you ordered your Verizon iPhone 4 already and really do not care much for the iPhone 5? Or is the iPad 2 the device you will choose above others? Even if you are not really an Apple follower, give us your feedback. To take a look at the 4 tablets side by side, mentioned in the 2nd paragraph, click here.

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  • Jupiter

    I am a Verizon customer and will have an upgrade come April and I am happily waiting, with my Droid X in hand, to get the Iphone 5. I will however be buying the IPad 2 when it is hopefully released in March. I am a happy switcher from Android to Apple.