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Apple iPhone 5 and iPad 2: Steve Jobs still firmly in control

February 11, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Apple iPhone 5 and iPad 2: Steve Jobs still firmly in control

Two of the most hotly-anticipated product launches this year will be those of the Apple iPhone 5 and also the iPad 2 tablet. We have already posted many, many articles about these 2 devices with the latest news and speculation.

Among our most recent iPhone 5 posts were a look at how it will impact upon Android smartphones, upgrade dilemmas, and a likely launch at WWDC in June. For the iPad 2 our most recent posts included a comparison of the iPad 2 vs. the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, rumors of a 7-inch screen and carbon fiber body and also an article about how 3G versions will do well.

We also recently told about Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, taking a medical absence of leave from the giant company that led to worry among investors and a temporary drop in shares. There were mixed feelings amongst analysts as to whether the concerns over the CEO’s health would continue to have an impact or in fact whether Apple was such a large company that investors would realize it was about more than just one man. There has been news today though that could well put a lot of minds at ease, not only about investors and shares, but also about the health of Steve Jobs.

A report by Erica Ogg over on Cnet, sourced from The Wall Street Journal, tells us that despite his medical leave of absence Jobs is still very involved with Apple and upcoming developments such as the next-generation iPad and iPhone. Sources say that Jobs continues to work from home on both of these devices and that business meetings have been held with Jobs both on the phone and at his home.

The timing of this news couldn’t be more opportune for Apple as the company’s stock apparently took a sudden fall earlier in the day. Although there was then a recovery, news that Jobs is still active with Apple will do nothing to harm efforts to reassure investors.

Ben Camm-Jones over on PC World also reports on Jobs remaining involved in current Apple projects and reports that Jobs was seen at Apple’s Cupertino campus in the last month. It seems that there has also been a certain amount of speculation that the reason the iPad 2 has still not been announced, despite reports of it already being in production, is because of Jobs’ illness.

We’re pleased to hear that Jobs is still very much a part of Apple’s latest developments. Do you think it will help Apple for people to know that Jobs still seems to be calling the shots? Why not let us know with your comments.

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