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Verizon iPhone 5: New Innovations And Upgrade Dilemma

February 10, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
Verizon iPhone 5: New Innovations And Upgrade Dilemma

The highly sought after Verizon iPhone 4 went on official sale today at many stores across America. For some customers on the 3rd of this month, they were lucky to pre-order theirs before what was reported to be an onslaught of customer queues. Although pre-orders on the first day were massive, in fact the handset sold out within 2 hours, the same cannot be said for numbers today. It was reported from that instore sales were running “smoothly” not the words you may have expected on the first day, considering that talk has been of the handset selling in the region of 1 million just in the first week.

So if consumer numbers are less than anticipated, is there a reasonable explanation to this? Could it be that they are loyal customers to competition AT&T and don’t want to change, they may be waiting for the HTC Thunderbolt or the Droid Bionic, or perhaps some are in a dilemma, whether they should wait for the Verizon iPhone 5, let’s face it, the summer which is when its expected to launch, is not a long time away.

If you look back at Apple‘s history, the iPhone handset launch is a typical favorite during the summer months and rumors have been rife as to the month of June possibly the 6th as being the iPhone 5 date. So here at OSM, we have questioned as to why some have chosen to sign up to a 2 year Verizon iPhone 4 contract? Is it due to customers being more than happy with the phone running on 3G, and they cannot wait for 4G networks to expand? As reported, this would enable more choice of carriers such as T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and of course AT&T, although the latter has at times experienced bad comments from its customers. Coupled with this, an increase was seen with phones being jailbreaked.

For weeks on end now, speculated 5 features have been flying around on the web, such as a complete redesign including a slimmer, lighter handset in appearance. Internals may possibly include a much talked about different antenna, a smaller battery, inclusion of NFC enabling mobile payments, Qualcomm CDMA/GSM chip, A5 processor, 3G FaceTime and so on. Some may argue that Apple may just concentrate on a new form-factor and not how to make the phone look pretty! Another question to ask, is that of the cases and accessories currently on the market, we know already that some manufacturers have had to redesign their products, as the repositioning of the buttons on the Verizon iPhone 4 made it near impossible to fit an existing case on it.

The question asked by is that if a new shape does surface, what will it be? It may as mentioned above include a CDMA/GSM chip allowing it to work on both the big red and AT&T, which lets face it would be good news for Apple, with increased customers bringing more revenue. Internal storage may be upped, new media subscriptions giving users the opportunity to buy, own or store songs or TV programmes, improved camera with upgrade video recording to 1080p, along with a scratch and shatter proof resistant bigger screen, something of which customers have commented on here at OSM, and also to up your handset’s security, mention of Face Recongition Security.

To round this off, Chris Maxcer at expressed an interesting point saying, “Apple would have to pull off some pretty new innovations to get him to upgrade into an iPhone 5.”

Tell us are you going to or have purchased a Verizon iPhone 4? If so, your reasons, for instance, were you just upgrading or on another carrier and wanted a change? Let us know your thoughts towards the new iPhone 5?

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