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Super Bowl XLV Twitter: Sets All Time Tweets Per Second Record

One of the biggest sporting events took place last Sunday in North Texas, America, yep you’ve got it, Super Bowl XLV, between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers. Some 111 million viewers tuned into the game, a rise from last year’s figure of 106.5 million. Along with plenty of commercials to keep you entertained such as Motorola’s Xoom, Angry Birds, VW “The Force,” and Black Beetle , it seems plenty of you were tuning into your social networking sites, particularly Twitter.

The site which is now home to some 190 million if not more users, can give themselves a pat on the back today, with what has been reported, as a record “Tweet” breaking Super Bowl. Information released from Twitter shows that throughout the game the tweets per second (TPS) record was broken.

Super Bowl XLV Twitter: Sets All Time Tweets Per Second Record

As Slashgear reported with the aid of a infographic, Twitter users in total sent out a staggering 4,064 tweets per second at the end of the footie game, the highest amount recorded for a sports event. This as our source said, beats Japan’s World Cup record with some 3,283 TPS during their game against Denmark seeing them pinch a 3-1 win.

A jump in tweets recorded at Sunday’s game included that of the Green Bay Packers first score and subsequent ones thereafter. Entertainment at half time included celebrity music group The Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Slash and of course Christina Aguilera, who unfortunately forgot some of her lines during the National Anthem.

Music from The Peas, Sting and as Mashable reported Usher, had the most people tapping away in the second highest peak of tweets . Quite a feat for Twitter you will agree, but after digesting this, they still have a way to go to beat Japan’s current record of 6,939 TPS during the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Did your team win on Sunday? Were you busy tweeting away? Let us know.