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Pubs & Restaurants To Embrace Social Media: Development Essential

February 10, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Social media and the way in which we use it daily, can have a massive impact on what we do, whether its just the individual logging onto a networking site or a company trying to sell their brands. Although for a large percentage of users who realise social media and its advantages, for some, they may just be scratching the surface. Today, we wanted to talk about the public house and restaurant sector, and how if used in the right way, social media could turn the business around.

Online presence and how to go about making yourself known, is probably the big question asked? Firstly, social networking sites particularly Facebook with its current 400 million users, is the best place to start. A large percentage, in fact as stated, a third of the UK population is actively using the site, and 20 million people “like’ a page. On the other hand, Twitter its neighbouring site, has seen tweets increase by 14,000% last year, 20% of which are stated to be looking at places or products.

On looking at statistical information, 39% of pubs and restaurants do not currently have a website, and 25% do not advertise their site anywhere on the world wide web, therefore these sectors miss out on 53% of people researching places to go out to. Interestingly a survey was carried out amongst some of the biggest pub operators. Examples of this, include the “Grand Union Group,” which has some 12 establishments across London, and for the last year has been using Facebook and Twitter. Current user figures include some 637 likes on Facebook and 684 Twitter followers.

On asking what networking sites has given to the group, they replied by saying, that social media gives them a way of finding out customer feedback and possible ways of improving their service. Also if a problem needs to be resolved, it can be followed through with contact from Grand Union.

Another is that of independent pub “Rutland Arms,” in Sheffield. Since October of 2009, with a new manager on board, sales have risen due to the aid of Facebook and Twitter. As well as customers leaving comments, it has become a great way to make bookings, advertise their menus and finest drinks.

Top tips for anyone wishing to implement their information on the internet. Firstly be honest to your audience, never give out any personal information, always answer your customer comments if needed, keep your information up to date, try and build up a database using email addresses, give your customers photos to look at, and as well as the obvious networking sites such as the 2 above, use location check-in services such as Foursquare.

Are you in one or both of these sectors? Do you embrace social media, and if not, would you now consider it? Let us know.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Social media is amazing for every business these days as long as it is done correctly.

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