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Toughen Up Your Verizon iPhone 4: Ballistic Offer Hard Core Case

February 9, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
Toughen Up Your Verizon iPhone 4: Ballistic Offer Hard Core Case

Months of speculation and rumor are about to end tomorrow when the official launch of the Verizon iPhone 4 reaches our grasp. We have given you specifications and price plans, pre-order details, shipping information, Greenpois0n jailbreak, apps, comparisons to other carriers such as AT&T, strip-down of the device, accessories in the form of cases and so on.

As Debbie reported, online pre-orders of the handset are already in full swing with everybody having the chance to get their hands on one. The only drawback if there is one, as Engadget stated, is that you may not get your device until the 25 February at the earliest due to shipping dates. To avoid disappointment, the best advice from us here at OSM, is to either reserve your iPhone for store pick up, or if you are prepared to take a gamble head on down to your nearest store.

To lift your spirits up, you may want to think about what accessories your newest edition may need. This is when as Gary over at PR News via AppModo reported, a tough hard case from Ballistic may be the answer. The Hard Core case which has been awarded for its durability against knocks, bumps and scratches will now be available in a range of colors at a retail price of $49.99 from

When it comes to the purchase of smartphones cases, Ballistic are no stranger to developing good reliable strong products, the HTC EVO being one of their customers. On looking at the case a little more closely, it is made up of an outer gel skin layer with built-in screen protector, with accessibility to ports along with the piece of mind that they will stay clean with the inclusion of “connector seals.” Along with this, the actual case is made up of five layers each contributing to the protection of your handset.

To find out more head on over to PR News or click here to go direct to the Ballistic website above.

Tell us how will you be going about purchasing your Verizon iPhone 4, or have you already done the deed? Let us know.

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