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Sony NGP (PSP2): Price Leaked

February 9, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Sony NGP (PSP2): Price Leaked

We have been keeping you up to date with the NGP aka the PSP2, so far we have reported on its revelation event in Tokyo, we reported on the Twitter buzz that it received, the A9 Cortex Quad-core processor that is present, we then topped it all off by asking you how much you would pay?

Some of you on our previous post were telling us how much you part with for the NGP; there was a range of prices given. Some of you said that you would pay $599 others said you would only pay half of that amount. Well according to the price is going to be $299.

The price that has been released is from a system at Gamestop where someone has taken a picture of it and they uploaded it to Facebook on the Gamestop page. Funnily enough, the post has been removed.

Check out the specs of the device from our previous post and then think about the price. What isn’t clear from the screenshot is which model it is, but still what you are getting for your money even on the base model is impressive. Remember this is a leak so the price could still be different.

If the price stays at $299, will you buy a Sony NGP? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • lee

    Hi all if you go on the web site of the company who made the prossesor for the ngp they also have others that are much faster and more powerfull,so why did sony settle for middle of the road,so when this finally comes out the specs will be old tech as there is more power to be had right now !

  • Tim Ollason

    For a handheld device the ARM Cortex A-9 Quad-core is pretty impressive dont you think? I cant think of any other handhelds running that.

  • khalild


  • Darcy Hart

    Are you a plonker?
    Who claimed that the NGPs hardware was top of the line?
    There will always be better gear out there! It's up to Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, etc, to choose which is affordable.
    This stands for everything, HDTV? Old news, there's already Super HD - it isn't used by any consumer manufacturer but it still exists!

    There's always going to be better tech developed but you have to consider the price, it's functionality, and just whether it's worth while - why would you want a better processor on a handheld than on your main console?

  • Gaybacon

    More powerful chips are hotter, more power hungry, and more expensive. You tell me why they didn't pick a more powerful one. Besides, it outclasses what exists in the handheld market as it is.

  • http://Ign Unix

    The facts and hint from sony that ive read from almost every mgp artocle on the net say tjat sony is trying to price around 250 to be competetive the 3ds

  • Luke Vernon Wunderlich

    I wouldn't buy it if the price was that high. It should be at a lot lower price like $185.00.

  • jsmith

    250 maybe. not 300