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Samsung Galaxy Indulge: Specs And Release Date Announced

February 9, 2022 | Mike Smith

Following on from a previous post it appears that the Samsung Galaxy Indulge has finally had its specs and release date announced, in this post we talked about whether the Galaxy Indulge or the HTC Thunderbolt would be the first handset released on an LTE network in the US, it seems we have a clear winner.

At the time of this last post we were not able to bring you much information on this new handset, we can now confirm that this new device will be packing a 3MP camera, 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor, 3.5nich HVGA screen all running on Android 2.2. This handset will be available later this week through store or online.

To get your hands on one of these devices it is going to cost you $399 plus a subscription to a voice plan contract, don’t let that put you off though as what’s on offer seems to be very reasonable. There are two monthly plans to choose from, both of which offer unlimited talk and texting, the $50 plan gives you 1GB of data and the $60 plan gives you unlimited data usage.

Following a hands on review with the Indulge Joanna Stern from goes on to describe the device as feeling rather cheap and overly plastic, but after noting these bad points goes on to say “However, what it lacks in rigidity it makes up for in speed”. To read this review and see so really good pictures of the device follow this link. You can also check out the cool video below.

So now this is the first handset on an LTE network in the US, is it going to be the best? Hopefully it hasn’t been rushed out to quick just to get this accolade under its belt, time will only tell, especially as its closest competitor the HTC Thunderbolt will shortly be released.

What do you think is the best handset?

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  1. peruvian says:

    After the fascinate dissapointment!!!!! hell not. I will never buy another samsung phone again.. Here it is february and no word on when 2.2 will be available for it…..HTC all the way.

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