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MeeGo Phone Cancelled By Nokia

February 9, 2022 | Tim Ollason

We previously speculated in a previous article by Mike Smith that Nokia would be dropping the MeeGo OS in favor of Windows Phone 7. It looks like this may start to actually happen as we are hearing reports that Nokia has now dropped MeeGo.

We read the report over at Engadget where Thomas Ricker has written an article stating that Nokia has ended the development of its first MeeGo smartphone handset. Nokia has never actually made the handset official so you may have had false hopes but none the less it is still disappointing news.

Nokia are crying out for a makeover, they need something so that they can compete with the ever advancing Android OS oh and those other guys on the iOS. Nokia said that the first MeeGo handset would be 2011 event. There’s a good phrase on Engadget’s article that says “this is a lot like saying something that didn’t exist still doesn’t exist”.

Another source reporting the news is, their author Tarmo Virki is reporting that the MeeGo platform was going to be Nokia’s key weapon in the battle of the smartphone market. They also say that a spokesman for Nokia has declined to comment and that we could still see the next MeeGo device at MWC 2011 or at investor day in London this Friday.

Are you disappointed that Nokia has cancelled the phone? Let us know you thoughts in the comments section below.

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