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Lawsuit Ends Over Sacked Woman’s Facebook Comments

February 9, 2022 | Mike Smith

A woman who was sacked by her company due to her comments over Facebook has ended her lawsuit, Dawnmarie Souza was fired by her employer (a Connecticut ambulance company) because of rude comments she made about her employees on the social networking site.

The terms of the settlement figure have not been released, but it’s understood that Souza will not be returning to work for the same company. These comments were posted on Facebook by Souza in her own time on her personal computer at home, so according to the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) these comments were treated as protected speech.

Following this lawsuit the company has decided to change its policies on internet and blogging use in favour of restricting what its employee’s post online, meaning everyone will not be allowed to discuss their feelings on their employer or fellow employee’s.

Jonathan Kreisberg (NLRB’s regional director) has this to say “The fact that they agreed to revise their rules so that they’re not so overly restrictive of the rights of employees to discuss their terms and conditions with others and with their fellow employees is the most significant thing that comes out of this.” You can read his comments as well as the full story at this post by Jolie O’Dell over at Mashable .com.

With lawsuits taking place over what people are writing on sites like Facebook, will companies think differently and about social media when it comes to recruiting new staff?

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