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HTC Thunderbolt Rumors: Release Feb 17 to 24 & free hotspot?

February 9, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We’ve been bringing you as much information as we can about the HTC Thunderbolt due out very shortly on Verizon. We’re as confused as you are about the release date, which seems to be ever-changing (even though it’s already available to pre-order) and have written many times about this. The most recent news was that on an Amazon listing, the release date of February 14 had been taken down leading to speculation of a release towards the end of the month.

Among our recent posts we also included a focus on the single-core processor and reported on the personal hotspot feature on the Thunderbolt. First we heard speculation that it may not be hotspot-capable on release and then we heard that in fact this feature would be enabled after all. Now we have heard further news about this from Rob Jackson over on Phandroid and it’s all good news. Apparently not only will the Thunderbolt be released with 4G Mobile Hotspot, but for a while at least it will also be free.

Phandroid quotes a “trusted source” for this news and they don’t often get it wrong so this looks promising. How long it will be free is in question but this has to be good for people eager for this feature. The even better news is that in an update Jackson now says the Mobile Hotspot will support 8 devices, rather than Verizon’s usual 5.

As far as the release date goes it does seem as though the Thunderbolt won’t be ready for February 14 but the rumors are that the release won’t be too delayed and has something to do with Skype. The source believes the Thunderbolt will now be released between the February 17 and 24 and everything else we have seen points towards this too. Also if you’re wondering about accessories for the Thunderbolt, Kevin Krause on Phandroid gives some news about some coming in to Best Buy.

What are your thoughts on the rumored free Mobile Hotspot for the Thunderbolt and of course the confusion surrounding a release date? We know how many of you are eager to get your hands on this beauty and probably wish that an official release date would be forthcoming from Verizon. Let us have your comments on this.

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  • Dr. Obvious

    Well I for one am thoroughly in favor of a free Mobile Hotspot.

  • David

    I was in Best Buy on Monday and asked about pre-orders. The sales rep said that they were taking pre-orders through the 16th after looking at there information sheet. It would lead me to believe that the 17th might be a good date to look to since it would make no sense to pre-order past the phone's release date if it were the 14th.

  • debbielt

    That's an interesting point David. Thanks for your comment.

  • IT SuperFreak

    Great observation David! Thanks!

  • Bill

    I pre-ordered last week. I stopped in Best Buy last night and was told that the firm date they had (for now) was the 17th.