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Droid 3: Bionic With A Keyboard - Wish List

February 9, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Motorola’s Droid Bionic has got to be one of the most talked about Android smartphones to emerge from CES in Las Vegas. Introducing Verizon’s 4G LTE network the Bionic gains dual-core processing power capable of 2 GHz.

In addition to the power, the Bionic’s spec’s read like a wish list of things you’d want on your device; 4.3-inch screen providing a crisp bright display, 512MB DDR2 RAM with HDMI mirroring and 1080p video playback. On the side there is an HDMI port allowing connection to a big screen for watching films. Front and rear facing camera’s to enable video chat, Wi-Fi and Android 2.2, which will be upgradable to Gingerbread 2.3.

If you haven’t seen the Bionic in the flesh then it’s worth checking out CES.cnet, where they have a clip of the Motorola device from the show. Motorola themselves have images and specs to whet your appetite prior to the handsets release, which evidently is suggested to be sometime in Q2.

Whilst we have had reports on the Bionic, here at OSM we have picked up on some comments made to us about the Droid 3, and when we would be likely to catch a glimpse. Phandroid reported on a rumor suggesting release dates as early as Q3, along with other ideas of what extra features people would like to see on its arrival. One comment said; “3rd quarter seems a little early for the X2 and Droid3, more-so the D3. If true, though, that’s cool with me. Give me a Droid 3 that’s basically a Bionic with a keyboard”.

Now while we agree that Q3 does seem a tad early for a Droid 3 appearance, could this be Motorola’s plan to combat the Apple iPhone 5 when it finally arrives? One things for certain, a Droid 3 with a keyboard would certainly have a big impact on Apple’s sales, Why not tell us what you would like to see introduced on a Droid 3 smartphone? Give us your wish list to create the perfect device.

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  1. David says:

    internals of a bionic, screen of a bionic, shape of the droid x and the keyboard of a droid 2 with a white color and the iphone music and video ease of downloadability

  2. Luke Queen says:

    I currently have Droid 2…I want the droid 3 to have 1gig of ram, bionic abilities, and a laptop dock like the atix with an optional laptop accessory for less than $180.00 dollars. I want the qwerty keyboard to be able to handle big thumbs like mine with adequate spacing between buttons, and a stand-alone row of numbers on the keyboard so that I do not have to keep hitting an ‘alt’ button to constantly transition from numbers to letters…If Verizon will do this, I predict they will rule the planet’s airways…….Luke

  3. Motoxer says:

    Umm the Droid Bionic has a dual-core processor running a 1Ghz!!! Not 2Ghz…

  4. joansie says:

    YES, YES, YES, I just climaxed with the idea of a DROID 3. BIONIC with a keyboard and a 4.5 inch screen …yes, yes, yes. I don't need another computer, I need a phone where I can lay down on my back before falling asleep. Review my work, web, e-mails, sleep….yes, yes, oh baby yes !
    Maybe a 5 inch screen wouldn't hurt. I have the first droid, it's toooo small. Size does matter!!!

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