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Social Media and Your Company: Developing a two-way dialog

February 8, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Here at OSM we’re often bringing you news about social media marketing and it’s rapid growth and just some of our recent posts have included how to manage your company social media in one place and a look at the pros and cons of social media marketing tools, as well as an article about statistics that imply that social media marketing may not be quite the silver bullet that we first thought.

Now we’ve noticed an article about how to strengthen your company’s social media voice by Dermot McCormack over on Mashable. McCormack is certainly informed enough about this as he is the executive vice president of digital media at MTV Music & Logo Group, and tells how the company has learned from previous lessons, overhauled its social media strategy, and learned to develop a two-way dialog.

McCormack points out that MTV was quick to adopt the use of social media practices and despite having high numbers realized it still needed to put in a lot of work in to reach its full potential with the social media platform. McCormack sums up a few of the important things to remember, learned from lessons over the last year. The first point is ‘Get Organizational Buy-In and Investment’ and this is highly significant. Building communities using social media requires capital and resources and this has to be in place to progress further.

Another point is to ‘Diversity Content to Appeal to a Range of Interests.’ Just as you talk about different subjects with friends, it’s important to change the subject on social media and introduce new elements to the conversation. McCormack notes that this does not necessarily always have to be about your company and that by personalizing some of your content you encourage a better dialog with consumers.

Other excellent points made are to ‘Develop an Intelligent and Flexible Organization Structure,’ ‘Speak in an Authentic Voice,’ and ‘Listen and Take Notes’ all of which are detailed further in the full article at the Mashable link above and which give some very useful advice.

You may also be interested in a previous Mashable article, this time by Beverly Cornell, which looks at online strategies for product launches including e-mail marketing, social networks and online advertising and gives some helpful pointers for tactics. We’d like to know about how your company is faring with the growing use of social media so why not send us your comments about this.

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