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Original or Copy Before iPad 2 Release

There’s no hiding from the truth that Apple seem to be dominating the mass market, it feels no matter what they come up with we keep lapping it up. With the imminent release of the iPad 2 can Apple still keep us hooked or are we going to decide that something else is the next best thing for us?

With their first attempt at a Tablet PC Apple have sold well over 14 million units worldwide since its release back in mid 2010, with amazing figures like this the follow up to this amazing device will have to be something pretty impressive. The rumours surrounding the much awaited follow up have been floating around online pretty much since the company launched this multimedia unit.

When it was released it was not long followed by many copies and clones, many of which were trying to offer the same experience but at a fraction of the price. Having this to compete with the company really had to make their product stand out amongst the rest, which seem to come really naturally to them and popularised the Tablet concept globally. Having seen what they were capable of and the mass demand for similar products it was no wonder why brands such as Motorola, HP,
and Sony etc wanted a slice of the big fruit filled pie.

Bedding their heads down and conjuring up their plans many companies have came up with their own take on the iPad, these devices seem to have not copied Apple but taken its format and applied their own twist on it.

Motorola have conceived the Xoom, the first Tablet to be running Androids new 3.0 Honeycomb OS that also has a HD camcorder, dual-core processor and a 10.1inch screen. RIM the people behind BlackBerry have also come up with a concept, the RIM Playbook which consists of a 7inch screen, dual-core processor, 5MP rear facing camera and memory storage of up to 64GB.

So with new competition like this Apple knows that it really needs to raise the bar with the iPad 2, although these opposing products offer an array of new and different features, the team working on this new release from Apple will be doing everything they can to make this updated device a trendsetter once again.

Do you think the new iPad will outshine the competition?

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