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MWC 2011: Flickr Show Huawei Android Contenders IDEOS X3 & S7

February 8, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

As we settle into a new year, we have already seen one of the biggest events to come out of this year, the CES in Las Vegas. Now in about a week’s time, it will be the turn of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2011 in Barcelona. Along with a number of developers, we will no doubt see a list of innovations coming our way. So far, the possible device debuts we have heard about are, HTC’s Desire running on Android along with their Scribe/Flyer tablet, Samsung’s S2 and next generation tablet, LG Optimus (G-Slate) Pad and so on.

Today its the turn of Chinese company Huawei and what has been reported from BGR of a IDEOS X3 smartphone and S7 Slim tablet. As well as finding images of the 2 devices over at Engadget via Huawei’s Flickr page, we have managed to find some information.

Although the details are still a little sketchy, we can be sure that both of Huawei’s offerings will be running on Google’s Android OS. In relation to the smartphone, on looking at its appearance, it seems to have one front and rear camera, 3 Android buttons, and a color range of blue, silver, black and red.

If we turn our attention to the S7 slim tablet, again, information is vague, but what we can make out, is that it will include a front racing camera. Even on looking at their official webpage and clicking onto details of the MWC 2011 with the slight hope that we could source details, we are still in the dark as to any specifications.

Sorry guys, but when we do find out some more concrete information, we will let you know.

Even though we really have nothing to go on until the Barcelona event, would you be tempted by yet another tablet or smartphone on the market?

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