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iPad App: UK BBC iPlayer Coming Soon

February 8, 2022 | Tim Ollason
iPad App: UK BBC iPlayer Coming Soon

The Apple iPad was the biggest selling tablet PC of 2010 which has prompted a push from all of the other manufacturers to make their own tablet PCs. Until Apple started to dip their toes in this market, it was dead. With Apple’s help it has become one of the biggest for 2011.

With that in mind, there are already thousands of apps available on the iOS; some of the ones we have looked at are the new confessions app, the Liverpool FC quiz questions app and also the Mercedes mbrace app. Now we are reporting that there will be a BBC iPlayer app making its way onto the store!

The app will be with us on Thursday February 10th for UK users and for US users it will be present in June. This follows the mass of requests seen in December, the BBC has obviously identified the iPad and mobile technology as a new market to gain viewers.

Slashgear’s Chris Davies is reporting that it will only be supported for streaming over a WiFi connection although one of the engineers has Tweeted that the app will allow catalogue browsing over a 3G connection but that Tweet has now been removed. As luck would have it, Federico Viticci of snapped the Tweet so now have a peek at it below.

Are you pleased that the BBC iPlayer is coming to the iPad? We are wondering if it will also hit the iPhone or do you think the screen is too small? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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