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YouTube Viral Videos: New Old Spice Guy Ad

February 7, 2022 | Matt Tran

He’s at it again! The seductive Old Spice Guy we all know and love, has returned with a new advert promoting the famous men’s body wash.

The viral video which hit YouTube only a week ago, has already racked up over 215,000 views. The original Old Spice commercial which is arguabbly one of the most successful virlas ever has got nearly 30 million views! Ex American footballer Isaiah Mustafa, the star of the adverts takes you on an elaborate and luxurious tour around exotic locations in his typical flamboyant fashion.

The new ad which we have embedded for you below did not appear during the Super Bowl according to Mashable, but it will still spread rapidly around the world without the aid of one of the largest sporting events on the planet. We voted the Old Spice commercial the most viewed of 2010 and you can see the full list by following the link.

Do you find the Old Spice commercials humourous and effective? Leave us your thoughts on the video and if you think it will become the most popular viral video fo all time.

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