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YouTube Sees JetLev Promo Video Go Viral

February 7, 2022 | Tim Ollason
YouTube Sees JetLev Promo Video Go Viral

There are a lot of YouTube videos that go viral, some of the ones that we have reported on recently include the VW commercial with a pint sized Darth Vader, the mysterious UFO in Jerusalem, the fantastic taxi driving Michael Jackson impersonator and of course, The Lonely Island’s new hit ‘The Creep’ featuring Nicki Minaj and John Waters.

Now we are reporting on a new video that was only uploaded this morning but has managed to draw over one and a half million views already! That’s pretty astonishing don’t you think? It features something that people have dreamed about for years, something that has featured in films and reminded us of a scene from Robocop or from on of the Mario games! Check out the image below.

That’s right, it’s a water propelled jetpack! The jetpack has been produced by JetLev and it’s called the JetLev –Flyer, you can actually buy one of these bad boys for €129,000. According to their official website, the JetLev-Flyer is purely for recreational use.

Thinking about it, you will probably start to see these things popping up around holiday resorts around the coasts where you would normally be able to hire jet skis. You can learn more about the technology used by clicking here. As always, head to the bottom of the article for the circulating video.

What do you think of the JetLev-Flyer? After watching the video it made me want a go on one! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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