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Sir Elton John Predicts April iPad 2- Skype Video Calling

February 7, 2022 | Matt Tran

We have a few more interesting extra hints for you regarding the upcoming iPad 2. The new information which has not been confirmed as totally accurate comes from the music legend, Sir Elton John.

Sir Elton was talking to BBC Breakfast in an interview this morning and briefly spoke about a new iPad coming out in April with video calling. The musician was keen to pick himself up an iPad 2 so that he could talk to his new adopted son Zachary on Skype when he was away from home.

Cnet has revealed that Sir Elton had another interview with the Telegraph last week and spoke more about the mythical gadget. A self confessed “luddite”, which is somebody who opposes technology and machinery, John admitted that he did not own a phone, computer, iPod or iPad. However in order to keep in touch with his son, he was willing to embrace the gadget world and buy one of the most popular devices ever created.

We had our suspicions that the iPad sequel would arrive in April, but if these new comments are to be taken seriously and the tablet comes with Skype video calling then we are looking at front and rear cameras presumablly. Reghardware shares this opinion and are looking for further evidence to back up the musicians claims.

Are the comments of an anti-tech celebrity something to be taken seriously? Or does somebody in Sir Elton’s position have a little extra know, than the rest of us? Leave us your thoughs on the possibility of an iPad 2 with video calling.

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