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iPad 2: 7-inch Screen and Carbon Fiber Body Rumor

February 7, 2022 | Tim Ollason
iPad 2: 7-inch Screen and Carbon Fiber Body Rumor

We have been trying to keep up with all of the rumors surrounding the expected release of the iPad 2, some of them include how the 3G model is expected to do very well, how the new device may have an adjustable kickstand and also how we have supposedly seen a working model.

The latest rumors come from PCWorld where their author Jayesh Shinde has written an article detailing the three latest ones. The first is that there may be a 7” sized iPad coming, however this is possibly the least likely of the rumors as Steve Jobs has already gone on record saying that the 10” is the smallest acceptable size dismissing the 7″ prospects. Could Apple be looking at it though? We have seen some other tablets find success through that size so it’s not completely inconceivable is it?

The next rumor is quite an interesting one, we are hearing that the iPad 2 may have a different chassis; the current iPad has an all aluminum case. Well apparently it’s perhaps going to be made of Carbon Fiber. This could actually happen as the current iPad isn’t the lightest of tablets but it may not be as robust.

The final rumor is that it will have NFC (Near Field Communication) especially seeing as it is on all of the new devices and we have seen some alternative ways to use it. If a 7” screen was brought in by Apple then NFC would maybe be a bit more likely as it is small enough to fit in your pocket, I know I haven’t seen people walking the stores with their iPad in their hand but I have seen them with mobile devices. Back in November AppleInsider author Neil Hughes actually published an article with this rumor too; he is talking about a patent application that Apple had placed so it really could happen!

Do you think any of these rumors will turn out to be true? Let us know your feelings and what you think the next generation iPad will have in the comments section below.

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    You managed to spell 'Fibre' wrong, I can no longer take you seriously…