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Foursquare Check-Ins: Surpasses 200,000 on Super Bowl Sunday

February 7, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Foursquare Check-Ins: Surpasses 200,000 on Super Bowl Sunday

Foursquare is fast becoming a popular social network, it has recently teamed up with colleges and universities, we have spoken to you about its growth seeing it meet 6 million users and we have also asked you if you are taking advantage of its deals.

Now we wanted to report to you just how it did at the Super Bowl. They were trialing and experimenting with checking-in to a virtual venue called ‘Super Bowl Sunday’. The check-in wasn’t going to make any money for Foursquare Erin Gleason said that they are ‘experimenting with’. They partnered the NFL as it has a huge community that all love Super Bowl Sunday as reported by MG Siegler at

One of the stipulations of getting the badges for the Super Bowl was rooting for your team. There are redemption codes that were with the badges that would give you a 20% discount on any merchandise from There seems to be a few people that got a little confused with the check-in saying that they didn’t get the badge, if you didn’t root for a team then you wouldn’t have received it. You had to type in after the check in ‘Go Packers!’ or ‘Go Steelers!’.

Over at their author has been reporting on how many people had checked in as shown below.

With it reaching more than 200,000 check-ins, the ‘Super Bowl Sunday’ venue has now become the most ‘checked-in’ geo-location overtaking the previous record set by San Francisco airport which had 199,000 check-ins. Check out the check-in count on the Foursquare page by clicking here.

Were you one of the 200,000 that checked-in? Did you get the badges? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Keian says:

    I checked in just 5 mins into the 1st quarter and did not get a badge.

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