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Super Bowl Commercials 2011: YouTube Video Roundup

February 6, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Super Bowl Commercials 2011: YouTube Video Roundup

Today will see Super Bowl XLV between the Steelers and the Packers and it’s certainly one of the biggest events of the year. This year is no exception and we’ve already posted many articles, our most recent being about Super Bowl commercials and which brands have received the most pre-buzz on Twitter.

We’ve also given you stories about touring the Cowboys Stadium, host of the Super Bowl, in 3D with Google Earth, and a look at Twitter connections for Super Bowl fans. One of the enduring popular features though, of the Super Bowl is the commercials which receive almost as much attention as the game itself, and we’ve already seen a fair few of the ads that will go out during the big game. Now though Todd Wasserman over on Mashable has done a really good job of rounding up over 30 of the Super Bowl ads which are available on YouTube.

Among them are the Volkswagen commercial that we’ve written about previously and there are many, many more. One of my favorites has to be the HomeAway ad “Test Baby” which you can see below this story. There are also several from Audi, Pepsi, Doritos and more and you can view every one of them at the Mashable link above.

Toni Monkovic of The New York Times also takes a look at Super Bowl commercials and tells us that over half of the viewers for the Super Bowl watch it, not for the football but for the commercials, the half-time action or just “for the fun of it” according to a survey and you can also see a couple of older Super Bowl commercials at this article. We’d like to know your personal favorite from the Super Bowl 2011 commercials so please do send us your comments about this.

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