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Super Bowl 2011 Ads: Top brands pre-buzz on Twitter

February 6, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Super Bowl 2011 Ads: Top brands pre-buzz on Twitter

Most of you will no doubt know that today sees the Super Bowl XLV, a major highlight of the sporting calendar. We’ve already brought you many posts on this including our latest posts on a Google Earth 3D tour of the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Texas where the game of the Steelers vs. Packers will be held, and a guide to Super Bowl Twitter connections for fans.

Of course a big part of any Super Bowl event is the commercials and we’ve also written previously about some of the ads we can expect to see. Now we have news for you of an infographic that illustrates the amount of pre-buzz about brands on Twitter surrounding Super Bowl ads. Charlie White over on Mashable tells us about the infographic supplied by the Meltwater Group which shows which brands are so far dominating.

The amount of attention on Twitter is measured by Meltwater’s Buzz social media monitoring tool, and they have been measuring tweets for over a week now with the infographic showing the top 10 brands in the pre-buzz. It may not surprise you given the brilliance of the ad that the top brand on Twitter at the moment is Volkswagen with 2,803 tweets, followed some distance behind by Audi on 1,350 tweets and then in third it’s Groupon on 1,106 tweets. The top ten is completed by Best Buy, Doritos, Kung Fu Panda, Homeaway Inc., Pirates of the Caribbean, Mercedes and Skechers in that order.

You can see the Volkswagen Star-Wars-themed commercial below this story. It’s worth remembering though that this infographic depicts the pre-buzz on Twitter but online attention overall, studied by Alterian for a previous Mashable post, shows the most amount of pre-buzz goes to Doritos, although 12.2% of the mentions about Doritos were negative which is pretty high.

Later on we’ll be giving you a roundup of the Super Bowl 2011 commercials on YouTube so do check back with us for that. You may also be interested in an article showing how social media is changing advertising for the Super Bowl, which is by Benny Evangelista over on SFGate. What are your thoughts on the infographic showing pre-buzz on Twitter for Super Bowl commercials? Do any of those that appear in the top 10 surprise you? Let us know by sending your comments please.

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