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Nintendo 3DS Ranks In Top 40 Pre-Order Sales

February 6, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
Nintendo 3DS Ranks In Top 40 Pre-Order Sales

As we near the release date for Nintendo’s glasses free 3D console, pre-order sales have started to rack up for the 3DS hardware. The handheld console has slipped its way into the top 40 this week with toy giants Toys R Us.

With the online sales building up Punchjump reports that the first edition 3DS Cosmic Black hit No. 40 of the best-selling new products through

To recap on the consoles spec, those that have placed their order will be greeted by dual screens capable of supplying 3D game play without the need for glasses. Available for $249.99 in Cosmic Black and Aqua Blue, there will also be Nintendo’s 3DS Camera software, Mii Maker along with Nintendo eShop, enabling new software downloads.

As we reported on before, the 3D images had been open to speculation as to their safety in conjunction with eye strain rumors. To allow users the option to rest from the 3D game-play, the 3DS has a Depth Slider to control the severity of the dimensional imagery.

Standard button arrangements will be assisted by a new Circle Pad, whilst memory will be taken care of by a 2GB SD Card. Reverse compatibility with DS and DSi games will also be available, for those upgrading from their previous console. As Aussie-gamer discovered a dual pen sports game is to be introduced to challenge users abilities.

With the Nintendo expecting to ship four million units by the end of next month, game titles such as, Ridge Racer 3D, Resident Evil and Super Street Fighter IV 3D, are also likely to increase in sales. Are you on the pre-order waiting list? If not will you be getting your order in soon to secure your 3DS?

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  • Timothy

    The 3DS is getting on the top lists of alot of stores.