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Greenpois0n rc5 Jailbreak Download For Windows Now Live

February 6, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Greenpois0n rc5 Jailbreak Download For Windows Now Live

The Greenpois0n jailbreak is the one that we have all been waiting for of late. We previously reported that the iOS 4.2.1 was live and how it’s now available for different iDevices such as the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad.

In our previous post for the iOS 4.2.1, many of you were saying that you were struggling to get it working, which perhaps confirms the thoughts of Sam Sheffer of Engadget when he said that it looks like it was a rushed build

As we mentioned previously, the Chronic Developers have managed to exploit the tethering so that you don’t need it to be tethered to a computer, they have also managed to fix the rebooting issue where if you rebooted the device you would have to re-run your jailbreak each time. Yesterday Taimur Asad of reported that it would be available in a day or so and he was right!

Now we are reporting that the Windows version of the Greenpois0n update is now live and if you want it click here. Following the problems that everyone seemed to be having, we want to know if you have now successfully downloaded the Greenpois0n jailbreak or not? Just so you know, the site seems to be taking a bit of a beating traffic wise as it did previously but stick with it and it will load up.

Have you had any problems with the jailbreak? On the other hand, how are you finding using the new Greenpois0n exploit? Give us your feedback in the comments section below.

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Comments (12)

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  1. Legend21 says:

    I keep on getting the following error:

    Network Error (dns_unresolved_hostname)

    Your requested host "" could not be resolved by DNS.

    For assistance, contact your network support team.

  2. serhan says:

    just jailbroke my iphone 4, running 4.1.2 using the new greenpois0n jailbreak thank to everyone at the dev team

  3. SGorman says:

    Froze in recovery mode during the DFU steps. Had to completely restore

  4. Drake says:

    Damn I’ve been waiting all day and it’s up as soon I have to turn my comp off for the night haha

  5. Manifest says:

    Picked up the Windows file the second it came up, working a night shift and was refreshing the page every 5 minutes until the Windows link worked! Got the file and run the tool.

    I already run the Redsnow Beta 4 Tethered break so I just ran the GP over the top and it worked flawlessly. It didnt install the loader to install cydia not that that mattered as I already have cydia installed.

    I can report that if you have 4.2.1 and have a tethered RedSnow Beta 4 jailbreak you can simply run this tool over the top and it will untether.

    Have no idea what will happen if you do it from a fresh restore, I cant report if cydia successfully installs or not, personally i wouldnt bother trying to use GP to install cydia, their servers are at the limit, use the Redsnow Beta 4 tethered jailbreak tool to install it.

    Hope this helps anyone

  6. SkSnuffy says:

    I, like many was skeptical about this whole jailbreak process. I did the usual reading and know that it could have very well ended up with a brick. However, all my worries were pushed aside and I am now the owner of a jailbreak phone. Thank you and keep up your great work

  7. Kris says:

    iPad 4.2.1 3G wifi modem firmware 07.10.00 easily successful jailbreak with unlocking by Greenpois0n rc5b2

  8. ash says:

    had to restore phone as it froze! all the programme keeps coming up with is 'jailbreak failed'!!

  9. johncon68 says:

    whats better beta 4 or beta 2 for windows i used beta2 had no problems what so ever

    • Manifest says:

      I would also be interested to find out, I used Beta 2 no issues however Beta 4 is almost double the file size? Wonder what extra it has…..?

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