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Verizon iPhone 4 Delays HTC Thunderbolt Launch Date

February 5, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Verizon iPhone 4 Delays HTC Thunderbolt Launch Date

The HTC Thunderbolt has certainly been getting some press; it is looking like it will be a great smartphone. We have recently reported the disappointment of not having the hotspot access upon its release and the previous release date on Verizon and pre-ordering details from Best Buy.

Now we are reporting that the launch date of the HTC Thunderbolt will be delayed, what’s the cause you ask? That’s right, the Verizon iPhone 4. The demand for the iPhone 4 on Verizon’s network is simply astounding, it outsold all other phones on a launch day when you compare it to other phone’s launch days and that was when the pre-ordering was unveiled in unsociable hours; it took only 120 minutes.

If the sources such as the and are to be trusted, they have received some information from Miami1683 containing the news. The overall reasoning given is that the current demand of the iPhone means that it needs more time to get out there to customers. So not to overshadow the release of the new Android device, they have put the release date back a bit. Check out the image below.

What does this tell you about Verizon? It tells us that they aren’t only caring about the iPhone 4 on their network; they aren’t putting all of their eggs in one basket. The reports say that the device will now be put back to February 28th. It was a bit silly for them to be launched in the same week anyway wasn’t it?

What do you think about this? Are you disappointed or do you think it’s a good move? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. seeteedub says:

    I can wait. It's a fantastic phone and will undoubtably outwork and outshine the iPhone. FIRST!

  2. Banzai says:

    My current Verizon phone is dying and I've been waiting for the Thunderbolt. Don't make me wait until the current one completely gives up the ghost.

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