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Toshiba’s Glasses Free 3D TVs: Sales Failing

February 5, 2022 | Matt Tran
Toshiba’s Glasses Free 3D TVs: Sales Failing

We brought you the good news a while back that the electronics manufacturer Toshiba had their first ever 3D TVs in production. Well a few months on and said TVs are out on the market, but are not doing as well as hoped and predicted.

Toshiba has reported that the sales of their autostereoscopic (glasses free) 3D TVs were only half the number that expected to sell in the 1st month of its release. The poor figures could be down to many things like pricing, lack of demand or the current popularity of the other 3D TVs out in the market right now. The line of technology breaking TVs are expected to ship around America and Europe later this year and in 2012.

Ubergizmo has reported that the sales of the TVs were estimated at 1000 per month, with only 500 being shifted during the December period in Japan. The president of the Toshibas Visual Products Department, Masaaki Osumi, spoke about the disappointing sales and said: “What the numbers say to me is that if you offer bigger sets, you get a better, more positive reaction.”

3DTV Watcher has stated that glasses free 3D is currently more suited to small screens, with its appearance on smartphones and gaming devices like the Nintendo 3DS being evidence of this. The greatest problem will come when people want large TVs like 50+ inches, as it will enhance the viewing experience. Will it affect the quality of the glasses free 3D? Leave us your thoughts on Toshiba’s sales.

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