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iPhone 4 Verizon: Release Date Upon Us Decisions To Be Made?

February 5, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
iPhone 4 Verizon: Release Date Upon Us Decisions To Be Made?

So here we are, entering into the final stages before Verizon release its own version of the iPhone 4 to the world. Its introduction comes after a mass of tech rumor and speculation as to whether we would ever see the big red device.

But now it’s almost upon us it all comes down to the consumer and how they are going to welcome the Verizon handset. As Engadget put it, this marks the start of a magical journey for those in the position of choosing a new device. But what do we have to consider before jumping head first into the so-called improved version of Apple’s 4th generation iPhone?

Firstly you have to answer the basic questions; what network are you currently on? Do you already own an iPhone? And what is it that you look for in your device?

MacWorld looked into the pricing between Verizon and AT&T along with coverage, and concluded that for those that have suffered issues with their AT&T iPhone, Verizon could be the answer. With promises of better reliability and a similar package this could draw people towards the big red brand.

From then on a lot of other things come into play and Engadget has visited a number of different options to help you along the way. It would be good not to forget that the Verizon iPhone although updated isn’t the be-all and end-all there are a whole range of other smartphones currently on the market that are more than capable of competing against Apple’s Verizon offspring.

This is without bringing Apple’s own 4 replacement into the mix, as we wait in anticipation of an iPhone 5 release. So with so many paths open to you which way do you turn? One thing is for certain, the switch to the Verizon iPhone 4 is far from an easy decision.

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