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How To Make Your Facebook Page Take Off

February 5, 2022 | Tim Ollason

We at OSM try and help you as much as possible with using social media effectively; we have been trying to help you with your LinkedIn profile and encouraging you to use their new features as well as informing you how people in recruitment are now using social media.

Now we are going to be looking at something slightly different, anyone that has a Facebook page will know that it’s not easy to get lots of people to ‘Like’ it and follow you so we after reading a few reports we thought we should try and help you. So this is how to make your Facebook page take off.

Firstly have you identified your audience and are you engaging with them properly? Remember, people will not engage with you on their own, you want to draw them in and gain interest by making if fun and thoughtful. Ask your users questions when publishing your content on Facebook.

Whilst we are on the subject of posting, this needs to be done regularly with good quality content, if you are just writing something that someone else has already done then it’s a waste of your time and your audiences. This is an important one and as say in their article, frequency builds momentum.

Facebook integration to your websites and blogs is also very important, try adding a ‘Like’ button as well as a link to your Facebook page. You can gain many users from their frequent visits to your home page. If your content is good then when they see your homepage it makes them want to follow you on the largest social network on the web.

Remember, we at OSM are always open to your feedback so post your experiences in the comments section below as they may help others too.

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