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Super Bowl 2011: Twitter Connections for Fans

February 4, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Super Bowl 2011: Twitter Connections for Fans

As everyone has surely noticed, this weekend it’s time for Super Bowl XLV and we’ve already been reporting on some social media connections with the Super Bowl. Among our previous posts has been one about a Foursquare collaboration with Super Bowl, and a look at some of the Super Bowl ads that will be seen. Now we want to turn out attention to the fans and ways that you can connect with Super Bowl using various kinds of social media.

Social media has had a tremendous impact on sports in the last year or so and its use is growing all the time. One recent example of this was rather negative and that was the recent Twitter onslaughts against Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears quarterback. However there are also many positive uses of social media in sport, and making the fans feel more engaged is one of those positives. Dan Robson over on The Star gives some useful information for Super Bowl this year and notes that during last year’s game, 40% of all tweets in that time were related to the Super Bowl.

According to Robson as far as the NFL is concerned teams (coaches, players and other personnel) have permission to use Twitter and other social media sites, up to 90 minutes before game play and after the game, only after all the media interviews have taken place. You can find the Green Bay Packers Twitter page here and their team stance is that players are allowed to use social media but not during a “workday.” If it’s the Pittsburgh Steelers you’re after then find their Twitter page here. The Steelers, like the Packers are also using Facebook to stay in touch with the fans.

Another initiative is being run by the NFL, in cahoots with Twitter and Visa and this is a one-stop site that gathers all tweets together from various sources such as media, players and fans. If you check out the site here, you can see what’s trending. You may be thinking, how about the players themselves. If you head to the full article on The Star at the link above you can find Twitter links for many of the top players in Super Bowl 2011 such as Troy Polamalu of the Steelers and Greg Jennings of the Packers.

Another article that you may find interesting can be found over on The Washington Post by Hayley Tsukayama and is about how technology has made the Super Bowl a social media event. We hope that by engaging with the Super Bowl XLV on Twitter, fans will feel even closer to the big event and that this information will be useful. We’d like to hear how you intend to use social media in connection with the Super Bowl so please do send in your comments about this

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