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Super Bowl 2011 & Foursquare Join Forces To Bring “Super Bowl Sunday”

February 4, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
Super Bowl 2011 & Foursquare Join Forces To Bring “Super Bowl Sunday”

One of the biggest sporting events is to take place this coming weekend in America, yes that’s right, the Super Bowl XLV in Texas. We have reported on how this year, social media has and will be making a big impact on the fans with the use of advertising. For those of you out there who consider yourself the number one gaming fan, then we gave you news of the iOS app “Angry Birds” which will be featured on one of the adverts on Sunday, giving you a secret code to unlock a new level. As well as this, Google Chrome will be bringing their own offering as well as Motorola’s new tablet device the “Xoom.”

But today its the turn of location-based Foursquare that we wanted to tell you about. Although facing stiff competition from the likes of Facebook Deals Page and Google’s new Latitude system, the site is still as popular as ever. Users to the app can check-in to various locations as well as earning points and unlocking badges. With the collaboration of Super Bowl, Foursquare will be offering its fans 2 new ideas. As Mashable reported the first is to make the venue a global experience to be shared by everybody, and secondly the use of redemption codes linked up to badges.

On commencement of the game this coming Sunday 6 February between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers, Foursquare fans will be able to see the promoted trending venue named “Super Bowl Sunday.” For anyone at the game, who checks into the promoted venue and states the team they are backing, will be given the chance to unlock a special “Super Bowl XLV” badge.

As well as receiving the chance to unlock the one off badge, a redemption code will be attached to it, giving you a 20% discount on selected merchandise at the

Foursquare are hoping by offering its fans the promoted venues and redemption codes, as an “experiment only” venture to start with, it may well pave the way for future advertising with other big names.

Do you use Foursquare, and if so will you be unlocking your special badge and code this weekend? Let us know what team you will be cheering on?

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