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MWC 2011: LG Optimus (G-Slate) Pad: Not To Be Under Estimated

February 4, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

With the Consumer Electronics Show been and gone, we can now set our sights on the Mobile World Congress, due to commence on the 14 February in Barcelona. The event as it states in the name, is a way for developers to show off their latest innovations, be it tablet, smartphone and so on. As well as the chance to see the products in the flesh and get a rundown of specifications, it will also give retailers some indication as to when to expect such devices.

Today, what grabbed our attention, is news of the T-Mobile LG Optimus Pad (G-Slate as known in the US) and of a definite appearance at the trade show. We had already reported at the very start of February that rumors were flying around in relation to a March release, but via a press release today, it has stated that the 8.9-inch LG will be shown off in all its glory on Monday 14. Therefore as T3 stated, we should have a clearer indication as to whether the device incorporating 2 names is of the same offering or 2 separate pads, with what is hoped to include arrival dates in the US and European market.

Information that we can tell you is that the tablet device will run on Android’s Honeycomb OS, along with a 3D 1280 x 768 display, front facing camera plus as Engadget stated, a pair of imagers positioned on the rear, thus allowing 3D picture taking, 32GB of internal storage, 6,400mAh battery, dual-core Tegra 2 processor, USB ports and HDMI connection.

So with a tablet that is expected to pack quite a big punch, does it stand any chance against the likes of Apple’s iPad or BlackBerry’s PlayBook? Would you be swayed by the 3D feature or Tegra 2 processor? Let us know.

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