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iPhone 5 for Verizon in July Rumor: Why buy now?

February 4, 2022 | Debbie Turner

The long-awaited release of the iPhone for Verizon on February 10 has caused a certain amount of excitement for those Big Red customers eager to get their hands on the iPhone at last. However things have not all gone smoothly so far. Yesterday we reported that pre-orders for Verizon Wireless customers were now live and then later heard that many were having problems.

Then today we told how the pre-orders had in fact sold out on day one and but that for the lucky ones there was news that shipping of the Verizon iPhone 4 had already begun. Bearing in mind that we’ve previously wondered if Verizon customers would be better off waiting for an iPhone 5, and now the fact that the Verizon iPhone 4 may be difficult to come by, an article by Leander Kahney on Cult of Mac seems to be rather relevant.

We’ve already said we expect the iPhone 5 to arrive around June but many had doubted that Apple would supply the next iPhone 5 to Verizon so shortly after the launch of the Verizon iPhone 4. After all, there really would be a gap of only 4 to 5 months and that could vex customers who rushed out to buy the initial Verizon iPhone. Kahney reports on the rumors that Apple is working on a dual-mode handset that would work for alternative networks which poses the dilemma that customers buying the iPhone 4 on Verizon now, could find their hardware out-of-date very quickly.

Kahney goes on to say that David Pogue of The New York Times questioned Apple about this and said that although Apple would not confirm this either way, a company rep said, “Let’s put it this way. We’re not stupid.” Now of course that doesn’t exactly spell it out but as Kahney points out, it certainly implies that the iPhone 5 WILL be coming to Verizon in only a few months. By saying, “We’re not stupid,” is Apple referring to the fact that it won’t confirm this, as it doesn’t want to lose customers buying the Verizon iPhone 4 now? Of course it could mean something completely different, such as the fact that it wouldn’t bring an iPhone 5 for Verizon out so soon after the initial Verizon iPhone because it would annoy consumers, but somehow we doubt it.

Alternatively if this has left you even more undecided over whether to rush for a Verizon iPhone 4, another article over on Computerworld by Richie Jennings also asks the question of whether it might be better to wait for an iPhone 5? Are you a Verizon customer who wanted the iPhone 4 but have been unable to pre-order so far? Maybe you decided from the beginning to wait and see if the iPhone 5 comes to Verizon this summer? We’d be interested to hear from you so please do send us your comments.

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  1. Ryan says:

    I've been eligible for a new phone for several weeks now, however I am holding out for the iphone 5. It would be "stupid" of VZ and Apple to not release it the same day as other carriers.

  2. dogmop says:

    I am not eligible until May, so I may as well wait for iphone 5.

  3. Xray says:

    I've always been on Sprint. The contract on my Sprint Palm Pre is up in June. WebOS is terrific but the phone looks and feels like it is falling apart in your hand. I will switch to Verizon when the IPhone 5 comes out. It is going to be sick. I wouldn't do if AT&T were my only option. The waiting will be the hardest part.

  4. Robin says:

    I am a verizon customer. I DID get up at 3AM thursday and ordered the iphone 4. I went back to bed, got up at 8AM and went online and seen that the HTC THUNDERBOLT was going to be released and that the rumor about BEST BUY taking preorders for HTC THUNDERBOLT with $50 deposit this coming week. I then went online to CANCEL the iphone 4! End of story. I feel like I as well as so many others are being PLAYED by APPLE and Kinda Verizon! Sorry Verizon… but it's true! And I can't figure out WHY RED would offer a Phone that is 4g when it is not available hardly anywhere? Please explain!

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