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iPad 2 Release News: Just ‘one more thing’

February 4, 2022 | Debbie Turner
iPad 2 Release News: Just ‘one more thing’

The next-generation Apple iPad, otherwise known as the iPad 2, has been the subject of a lot of talk, news and speculation over the last few weeks and here at OSM we’ve attempted to keep you up-to-date with developments and rumors. Our most recent stories include a supposed glimpse of a working model at a News Corp event, the fact that Apple is seeking a digital photography expert to work on the iPad platform and a look at the new lighter display.

We also gave an estimated release date of April, and then recently told of an event to be held on February 9 where an announcement was likely to be made about the iPad 2. There was a certain amount of confusion about whether the iPad 2 would be released then or whether it would simply be an announcement about a release date (most likely to be April). Now we’ve heard a little bit more about this that you may be interested to hear.

Eric Slivka over on MacRumors, reports that shortly there will be an event to introduce the latest operating system iOS 4.3 (we reported yesterday of a probable release of iOS 4.3 before February 13). Slivka notes an article on about a media event next week where the surprise “one more thing” at the end would be a preview of the iPad 2. A previous report on was about the likely release of the iPad 2 on the first, or alternatively the second, Saturday in April.

Although a few headlines are appearing implying the media event next week will be when the iPad 2 is actually released, the majority of reports feel, like us, that although we may well see a reveal of the iPad 2, the actual release is still likely to be in April. Chris Smith over on TFTS also talks of expectations that iPad 2 specs, features and pricing may be revealed next week and Steve Mayo on AllNewsMac also talks of an unveiling of the iPad 2 next week. He notes that when the original iPad was unveiled it was actually 65 days later that it was actually released.

One thing that does seem pretty sure is that we should know more very soon and you can be sure we’ll be following the developments with interest and letting you know the latest. What are your thoughts on this? Were you hoping for a February release of the next-generation iPad or do you think it’s more likely coming in April?

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Comments (7)

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  1. sarah says:

    I was hoping for Feb! It would make a great valentines day present!

  2. tamara says:

    Do you think the price will go up?

    • chloe says:

      yes Tamara probably because it is new, it has 2 extra cameras, better battery life (finally) and better memory, hope i helped :)

  3. pam says:

    I actually have heard the price will be lower b/c it has to compete with the other tablets. Hoping for Feb here, but probably won't be until April.

  4. Joe says:

    It doesn't make a lot of business sense to annouce the iPad 2 in February and not release until April. While this might have been a good strategy for the first iPad (64 day delay between announcement and release to get the hype machine going for the release date), if they do this the second time around, that means 64 days of people holding off on the purchase of an iPad (1 or 2) as they wait for the new release and thus slow sales for two monthes. It also doesn't make sense to announce and release the same day as some hyp efor the new product is good for sales. I think if they make an annoucement for the iPad2, expect the release date to be a couple of weeks later, not 64 days.

  5. yaas says:


    I think iits gona be a owsm product, with dual camera, better display, and long battary life, with powerfull procsr, and with a same display size but smaller in size, without a home button, and carbon fibre back inorder to make it light. It will announce in 9th feb but onli will be available in april,

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