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Greenpois0n rc5 Jailbreak Download For iOS 4.2.1 Now Live

February 4, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Greenpois0n rc5 Jailbreak Download For iOS 4.2.1 Now Live

For all of you out there looking to jailbreak your iPhone we can report to you that the untethered Greenpois0n download is now live and readily available for you to get your hands on. This is great for all of you who have already got a jailbroken iOS based device that were eagerly awaiting the 4.2.1 to be jailbroken too.

Engadget’s Sam Sheffer warns that this looks like a rushed build and they haven’t had a chance to test any devices as yet. Sheffer also mentions that the software is only available for Mac however it is also available for Linux and Windows as shown below.

The jailbreak is for a number of different devices that includes the iPad, iPod touch and also the iPhone, but James Mulroy of PCWorld reports that one of their bloggers had attempted to get greenpois0n running on their iPad however it kept on crashing on him.

One of the good things that they have fixed since the last jailbreak is that fact that you don’t have to reload it after rebooting the device, which as many of you who have been frustrated by this problem will be pleased with. Another helpful thing that the chronic development team has done is removed the fact that the device needs to be tethered with a computer.

You can head over to the greenpois0n website but be warned, since the update was available for download the site has been crashing probably due to the high demand.

Have you had any problems with downloading the latest jailbreak and getting it working? Let us know your feedback in the comments section below.

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Comments (11)

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  1. Jamie says:

    Site is still offline.. anywhere else to download Greenpois0n rc5?

  2. Rob says:

    I can't get it to work, every time I open it, click the jailbreak button, follow the steps to get into DFU, it then says it's jailbreaking, then the program closes and I get a message saying it closed unexpectedly and asks if I want to report it to apple. I have an iPhone 3GS, I've tried this on a macbook air running snow leopard and it won't even run on my iMac running tiger.

  3. Ian says:

    No success with it. I'm running windows and follow the steps to completion. It says "Jailbreak Complete" but left with the Itunes screen with picture of USB cable. When I restart my ipad the "Loader App". Oh well perhaps I just need to wait a couple of days for an update

  4. LUKA says:


  5. jay says:

    Chronic *Dev Team…. Lol!

  6. mike says:

    doesn't even decompress on my Mac…

  7. aki says:

    i did the all steps correct and got it done but the loader or the green logo didnt appear in my screen..
    did it for 5 times all the same problem

  8. ec says:

    Worked fine after downloading it from the official GP site. Make sure you download RC.2 if downloading from mirror stes. Loader showed Cydia and installed without a hitch. Turned off the iPhone several times and booted without a problem. I ran most of my apps and it has not crashed yet. Seems very stable.

  9. kirstyspender says:

    I mananged to get on the greenpois0n site this am. I am now the proud owner of a 3gs on 4.2.1 that doesn't need to be plugged in every time it needs booting or crashes. Seemlessly easy. Thank you Greenpois0n. Xo

  10. GhassanBushnaq says:

    Running on Windows 7, worked with no problems whatsoever!

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