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Facebook Quietly Upgrades Photos: 1 Problem We’ve Noticed

February 4, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Facebook Quietly Upgrades Photos: 1 Problem We’ve Noticed

We have already reported to you that the new messaging system is on its way and also that the new Facebook Deals page is now live. Facebook is the largest of the social networks on the web with 500 million users signed up to it and more than half of them that make daily visits to perform regular activities. If you are one of the 250+ million users then you may have noticed something today, Facebook has upgraded their photos section.

The new way of looking at photos is pretty cool; you now get a black border around your photos with a forward and back button on each side of the border so that you can easily navigate through the pictures from an album you are viewing. The options on the border change depending on whose photos you are looking at, if they are a friends then in the bottom left hand corner you have ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’. If they are your own you have ‘Tag photo’ in the same place. For your own photos, in the bottom right hand corner of the border what looks like a pair of rotation buttons although this didn’t work with the photos when we tried it.

Beneath your photo you have all of the normal functionality such as tag this photo, share, download photo, report this photo and now ‘give feature feedback’ where you can send your issues to Facebook using their own little system as shown below. We have noticed one problem with it so far.

When you are viewing your photos and there is some kind of activity involving you, like someone commenting on your status, you cannot see that this has happened and in order to see what your notifications are you need to exit the photos you are browsing and then view it from your previous screen. We have contacted Facebook and asked them if this will be changing in the near future as we can see this becoming a bit of a frustration all though it’s not a major issue.

After contacting Facebook, we received this response


We are aware of the problem that you described and apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, we do not have a specific date for when this issue will be resolved but hope to fix it as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

The Facebook Team”

Have you noticed any other bugs or problems with it? Let us know if you have in the comments section below.

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Comments (4)

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  1. Hi all :)
    I have noticed that you can't right click and therefore "Save As" a photo.
    We use facebook to share our friends and families activities from abroad, and so like to save those "special moments" to hard drive to keep.
    I know there is a "download" button now, but that will always seem to save the picture under a pre-destined fb numeric identification number, rather than a title I choose for MY pic, plus ….. it always saves the pictures to the default "download folder" on your pc.
    So first, I have to go hunt my saved pictures down, and then when I've found them, I have to open them in preview to see what they are, and then go through and re-name them all to something more familiar to myself, and the rest of my viewing family here.
    In short, it sucks !!!! …. Why do people insist on changing something that isn't broken, especially without consulting the users …… Beats me !!!
    Garry :)

  2. Shelley says:

    I reaally hate the new way to view photos. the black border is really offputting and the photos are now half the size of what they were before! there was no need to change it, if they are going to change something about the site, they should listen to the users and give us something we want, not throwing random changes at us as soon as we get used to the first way! i say give us a dislike button and leave it at that.
    - Shelley, 14

    • Tim Ollason says:

      Hey Shelley, i did notice a way to get the old style back. you would need to be using a version of a browser with tabs on it, start looking at an album you want to see and whilst you have the black border, right click on the tab and click close tab. Once that is done, re-open the closed tab and hey presto….. old style photos are back :-)

  3. BZTAT says:

    Apparently this is being rolled out slowly and not with all users. I have been experiencing numerous bugs with photos and posts for days in advance of the roll out though. I only knew about the roll out because I got a glimpse of the new photo viewer once with an error message.

    I understand that FB is going to have bugs when they upgrade. It is very annoying, however, when they do their upgrades “quietly” so that users have to suffer through the bugs without knowing why. Twitter usually gives advance warning of their upgrades and sends out info informing people of bugs and fixes, which makes them a much more user friendly service.

    I am a FB “power user”. As an artist, I post many photos of my artwork. I have followers that get on FB each day just to see what I have posted. Seems like FB would want to keep me happy.

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